October 2011
Dear Friend,
      This disk contains the contents of my newspaper (mostly obituary) clippings, accumulated over the past 25 years.   Originally I had no intention of sharing them with others, except on a one-to-one basis.  But recently I became concerned that they would be lost when I die, and started a long process of scanning the pages, indexing them, and making them available to those who want them.  You are welcome to use them as you please, except that I ask that you don’t sell them.  They cost me nothing, and I would prefer that it be kept that way.
      The index was done on Microsoft Excel 2007.  And the scanned pages were saved as pdf files.  They are readable with Adobe Acrobat, which can be downloaded for free on the Internet. 
      Some notes:
      The process of using this resource is simple.   First open the “Master Sorted Index”, and when you get the message “File conversion in progress”, just wait and let it do its thing.  It could take a few minutes.  Once the index is open, you can find the name you are interest in, then click on the number of the file (i. e. pdf file).   With hyperlinks installed, you should be able to go to the desired page with one click.  Also the index is fully searchable, through the search “find” button, on Microsoft Excel.  Also Control – F works equally well.  If for some reason the hyperlink fails, you can still look up the number of the file manually.
       Engagements, marriage licenses, and weddings are all listed as “marriage”.
“Death” means the person is dead, whether obituary, funeral notice, or passing mention in the death in a “gossip column”.  I did not differentiate.
“State” column was added when I realized that most newspapers were not listed with their state of origin.
Quite a few obits were picked up accidentally, and are incomplete. However, I felt that the small amount of information might be helpful, so I left it in, and indexed it.
I tried to pull birth, death, and marriage items from the “gossip columns”.  Otherwise, you will have to read the column to search for your relatives.  Our relatives were quite social, visiting each other, invited for dinner or to spend the weekend. 
The “other” column in the index allows me to add another name found in the clipping, sometimes a husband, wife, or child.
There are 2852 pages scanned, and the process of scanning and indexing took me approximately 6 months, in case you are interested. 
There are duplicates, and I usually allowed them to stay;  sometimes  they are slightly different  and sometimes not.
      I would appreciate hearing from you, probably by e-mail  fjdsmith@aol.com  to let me know that you received the disk.  If you find errors, I would like to know about them.   In most cases, I made no attempt to correct the newspaper articles, and presented them as –is.  However, if you find errors that hinder use of the disk, please let me know.  Also, if you have ideas about who would like to have a copy of the disk, of course, contact me. 
      This has been my pleasure.  Enjoy!
      Frances Doutt Smith
      8019 Crestway Ave.
      Saint Louis, MO 63123
Last name First name Other Type of file State make hyperlinks
Index No.
accident runaway MO 1897_0007
Acton son of George Death   MO 1890_0002
Adair Albert Preston Cora Childs Death MO 1951_0021
Adair Roy Hugh Death MO 1985_0020
Adams Calvin Thelma Gander Death MO 1974_0009
Adams Carliah Daru  Richard A. Adams Death MO 1994_0012
Adams David Norman Iola Porter Death MO 1967_0013
Adams Frank Mrs. Frank Death MO 1887_0003
Adams Johnnie L.  Colleen Tull Death MO 1992_0005
Agee James M. Death MO 1919_0011
Agee James M. Miss Evans Death MO 1919_0014
Aggeler Emil infant son birth MO 1941_0046
Ahmann Clarence Harold  Death MO 1983_0024
Ahrens Arthur Death MO 1967_0018
Airplane crash Plane down with 45 accident news MO 1962_0009
Airplane crash, cont. Plane down with 45 Cont of 1962_0009 news MO 1962_0010
Akerson Arthur W. Death MO 1987_0008
Akerson Russell C. Dorothy Akerson Mrs. Death MO 1996_0020
Akerson Winston H. Lewis W. Akerson Death MO 1985_0004
Albanese Jamie S. miss David Albanese Death MO 2003_0007
Albin B. F. Arabella Hurt marriage MO 1883_0001
Albin Benjamin Franklin Arbella Hurt Death MO 1940_0031
Albin Charlie rev. Geneva Newkirk Death MO 2000_0031
Albin Emma Helterbrand Mrs. John Hamilton Albin Death MO 1956_0009
Albin Hugh M.  Flora Pearl Albin Mrs. Death MO 1989_0013
Albin Jake H. Rebecca Cartner Death MO 1925_0028
Albin Jake H. Rebecca Cartner Death MO 1925_0029
Albin James W. Arladae Wigton Death MO 1926_0003
Albin James W. Mrs. Aryadale Wigton Death MO 1925_0037
Albin Jesse Virgil Sally Wright Death MO 1966_0024
Albin John W. Death MO 1892_0002
Albin Josie M. Mrs. Leslie Albin Death MO 1933_0006
Albin Lizzie Maude Renshaw Mrs. George W. Albin Death MO 1968_0038
Albin Martha L. Pritchard Mrs. Joseph Albin Death MO 1978_0015
Albin Ray Leonard infant son birth MO 1948_0007
Albin Rebecca Ann Mrs. Death MO 1947_0025
Albin Robecca Ann Mrs. Leslie Albin Death MO 1947_0024
Albin William Minnie Elliott Death MO 1933_0023
Alexander Ella Smith Mrs. Glenn Alexander Death MO 1977_0001
Alexander Fannnie Mrs. William A. Alexander Death MO 1933_0001
Alexander James A. Mary Raines Death MO 1958_0023
Alexander John H. Death MO 1894_0005
Alexander Laura Beth miss Fred Alexander Death MO 1974_0004
Alexander M. H. daughter born birth MO 1899_0026
Alexander Roy L. Pfc. 9 week infantry training news MO 1968_0025
Alexander Roy Lee Patricia Mae Schaer marriage MO 1968_0026
Allee Jack infant daughter Death MO 1969_0039
Allen Hiram Mrs. Death MO 1909_0022
Allen Hubert Elizabeth Peck marriage MO 1927_0032
Allen Ivory Dawson Mrs. Winfred Allen  Death MO 1991_0005
Allen James R.  Death MO 1999_0014
Allen John Franklin "Frank" Bertha Shope Death MO 1934_0013
Allen Mildred Agee Mrs. R. Logan Allen Dr. Death MO 1983_0017
Allen Monroe L. Samuel Allen Death KS 1922_0001
Allen Monroe L. Samuel Allen Death KS 1922_0002
Allen Richard Margaret Hawkins marriage  MO 1913_0013
Allen Ross S. Death MO 1966_0020
Allison Fred Mollie Gray Allison Mrs. Death MO 1942_0041
Alpers Victor Pauline Croswhite marriage MO 1941_0035
Alston Harvey Violet Holmes Alston Death MO 1960_0002
Alt Margaretha Lauer Mrs. Nicholas Alt Death MO 1953_0017
Alvard Eva Miss Death KS 1922_0001
Ambrose J. T. Annie Jane McMillan Death MO 1966_0022
Ambrose James T. Mike Cenatiempo Death MO 1966_0021
Ambrose Willard infant daughter birth MO 1919_0002
Amick Marcella L. Moore Maurice E. Amick Death MO 2003_0015
Amick Paul  infant son birth MO 1941_0021
Ancestors how many do you have? MO 1899_0023
Anderson Allie E. Thomas Mrs. James Louis Anderson Death MO 1983_0019
Anderson Cornelia Mrs. Death MO 1920_0013
Anderson George B. Sue Hieronymus Death MO 1959_0020
Anderson Harry bitten by dogs injury MO 1962_0003
Anderson James Louis Allie Thomas Death MO 1982_0014
Anderson Michael infant daughter birth MO 1998_0023
Anderson Ward Mrs. Cora Lee Ward Death MO 1947_0016
Andrews Harry Earl Ruth Edna Pemberton Death MO 1971_0029
Angerman Ernest H. "Pete" LaVera Angerman Mrs. Death MO 2001_0011
Angerman LaVera M. Dickson Mrs. E. H. "Pete" Angerman Death MO 1991_0004
Anglan Alvin Francis Pauline McAllister Death MO 1972_0042
Anthony Col. A. W. Death MO 1893_0001
Anthony R. G. Mrs. Mary Banks Moore Death MO 1908_0001
Anthony Robert G. Thomas Tackett Mrs. Death MO 1922_0019
Anthony Rose C. Mrs. Rufus H. Anthony Death MO 1969_0012
Anthony Rose C. Mrs. Rufus Holland Anthony Death MO 1969_0013
Anthony Rufus H. Rose C. Thomas Death MO 1972_0041
Antioch Baptist Church torn down news MO 1940_0045
Argenbright Odessa death MO 1901_0009
Argenbright Sadie Nell Woolery James Taylor Woolery Death MO 1990_0010
Armstrong Susaan Ann Stevinson Mrs. Frank Armstrong Death MO 1975_0019
Arnett George L. Velma Lorie Dyer Death MO 1981_0019
Arni Lloyd Grace Hotsenjpillar Death MO 1930_0001
Arni Maggie Mrs. George C. Arni Death MO 1942_0006
Arni Mattie Grace Hotsenpiller Mrs. Lloyd Arni Death MO 1969_0016
Arnold Bill G. Barara Ann Brown Death MO 1984_0022
Arnold Emma Lee Arnold Death MO 1902_0001
Arnold Stella J. Tomlinson Ralphl A. Arnold Death MO 1981_0028
Arrow Rock Bank bank failed MO 1927_0039
Arrow Rock School 1907 Photograph- identified news MO 1969_0006
Artz J. W. Death MO 1902_0001
Asbury Darrell infant son birth MO 1967_0005
Ash  Sylvania Mary Bryan Mrs. Ralph A. Ash Death MO 1972_0033
Ashpaugh Robert Clayton Lena Brockman Death MO 1966_0004
Ashwood Don M.     Ruth Ashwood Mrs. Death MO 1972_0007
Atkinson Carolyn Matilda Moore Mrs. Frank Holmes Death MO 1997_0008
Atkinson Clarence W. Mrs. William Haley Death MO 1946_0006
Atkinson Clarence W. Mrs. Death MO 1946_0007
Atkinson Ella Alice Mrs. Miler T. Atkinson Death MO 1961_0021
Atkinson John F. Carolyn M. Holmes Death MO 1999_0002
Atkinson John F. Carolyn M. Holmes Death MO 1999_0003
Atkinson Mary R. Roberts Mrs. Charles Atkinson Death MO 1940_0022
Atkinson Ruth Elizabeth miss Clarence Atkinson Death MO 1991_0013
Attebury Thomas J. Loren Attebury Death MO 1959_0014
Austin Kenneth Lee infant daughter birth MO 1952_0005
Azan Abraham Naseef Marcia Loretta Martensen marriage MO 1983_0023
Babbino Mary Lightner Mrs. Death MO 1947_0024
Babbitt Florence Louise Death MO 1976_0001
Back Anton Mrs. Wilhelmina Geuer Death MO 1903_0006
Back Mary  Death MO 1971_0029
Back Terrence Jacob  Edith Boggs miss Death MO 1942_0002
Back Terrence Jacob  Death MO 1942_0003
Back Wilhelmina S. Mrs. Death MO 1903_0007
Back William Mackie Hurt Death MO 1925_0025
Back William H.         final settlement MO 1926_0014
Back William H. Mrs. John Hurt Death MO 1921_0012
Back William P. Death MO 1898_0001
Bacon Charles L. infant son birth MO 1947_0010
Bacon Paul Edward Jack Bacon news MO 1977_0001
Bahner F. C. infant daughter birth MO 1927_0047
Bailey John D. Death MO 1940_0032
Baker Freda Schields Mrs. John W. Baker Death MO 1971_0030
Baker Iris Mrs. Ralph Baker Death MO 1982_0013
Baker Susan Catherine Renison Mrs. John W. Baker Death TX 1942_0015
Baker Wilfred R.  Edrie W. Vaughn Death MO 1999_0017
Ballew W. Weldon Jewell A. Grady Death MO 1974_0017
Ballowe Lester L. Marjorie Lackland Death MO 1984_0001
Bane Dale Arthur L. A. Bane Death MO 1939_0018
Bane Eddie accident news MO 1960_0007
Bane J. S. Mrs. Death MO 1931_0012
Bane James S. Ross Smith miss Death MO 1940_0026
Bane Loren infant daughter birth MO 1942_0027
Bane Loren Ardee Ruth Starke Death MO 1969_0036
Bane Roy F. Lillian Nelson Death MO 1923_0023
Bane Ruth Starke Mrs. Loren A. Bane Death MO 1970_0018
Banker Fred W. Death MO 1947_0024
Banks Candy infant daughter birth MO 1985_0026
Banks Dr. J. W.  Sallie Luckett Death MO 1891_0006
Banks Dr. J. W.  Death MO 1891_0007
Banks Jackson Mrs. Jackson Banks Death MO 1912_0008
Banks Judson Gary Beulah Gallagher  Death MO 1975_0033
Banks Lela E. Renno Mrs. Thomas Russell Banks Death MO 1992_0031
Banks Russell Jr. Mary Banks Mrs. Death MO 1977_0024
Banks Thomas Russell Lela E. Renno Death MO 1979_0012
Barker Lowell Allen  Hazel M. Beard Death MO 1985_0029
Barlow Harry C. Hannah Kulow Death MO 1951_0020
Barnes J. I. Death   MO 1890_0002
Barnes W. J. Death MO 1947_0024
Barnes W. S. Dr. Mary E. Tutt Death MO 1933_0020
Barnett Bruce Josephine Baker Death MO 1968_0006
Barnett Paul V. Death MO 1971_0023
Barnett Phillip J. Death MO 1921_0008
Barr Walter news MO 1949_0003
Barrett Ed frozen to death Death MO 1929_0005
Barrett Homer Ruty Yount Death MO 1969_0003
Barrett Minnie Mrs. Death MO 1977_0001
Barrett Virginia Lucille Mrs. Warren D. Barrett Death MO 1998_0007
Barron Donald Mary Ellen Haley marriage MO 1941_0010
Barron Mary E. Haley Mrs. Donald Barron Death MO 2002_0004
Barron W. P. Death MO 1894_0004
Barron Walter Ira O. Hurt news MO 1900_0008
Barron Walter Mrs. Virginia Hurt Death MO 1918_0001
Barry Blake M. Edward Barry Death MO 1999_0034
Bartlett Daniel Death MO 1911_0005
Bartlett Ellen Miss Bettie Henderson Mrs. Death MO 1923_0020
Bartlett Hugh L. Death MO 1883_0002
Barton Elsie G. Garrett Mrs. Truman Barton Death MO 1983_0015
Basham Floyd infant son birth MO 1935_0034
Basketball team Otterville Champions photo MO 1930_0007
Baskett W. S. Mildred H. Wright Death MO 1983_0024
Baslee Bobby  Death MO 1977_0003
Bates Lee Ora Mrs. Boyd R. Bates Death TX 1999_0030
Bauer Harold "Duddie" Joseph Bauer Death MO 1992_0006
Baughman Alma Williams Mrs. Wallace Baughman Death MO 2004_0008
Baughman Henry Annie Cole Death MO 1911_0002
Baughman Henry Mrs. Annie Briscoe Cole Death MO 1918_0013
Bauman Helen Cary Mrs. Henry Bauman Death MO 1980_0003
Bauman Henry Helen Carey marriage MO 1939_0013
Bauman Henry A. Helen Cary Death MO 1982_0002
Bax Coletta M. Bax Mrs. William J. Bax Death MO 1992_0008
Baylor Nathaniel Sarah B. Roberson marriage MO 1905_0012
Bayne Henry E. Margaret Nichols Death MO 1971_0013
Beach Sarah L. Snyder Mrs. Marvin F. Beach Death MO 1985_0024
Beaman Donald O. Mary E. McBee Death MO 2002_0005
Beaman R. L. infant daughter birth MO 1927_0018
Beard Charles Death MO 1883_0003
Bebermeyer Edwin Mrs. Dot Bebermeyer Mrs. Death MO 1975_0007
Becker Carl Sallie McNeil Mrs. news MO 1953_0013
Becker Robert R. Pfc. K. R. Becker Death MO 1951_0030
Becker Robert R. Pfc. K. R. Becker Death MO 1951_0030
Beeman Joel T. Bessie Opal Combs Death MO 1969_0016
Behen Robert E. "Bob"  Mary Lou Ash Death MO 1998_0018
Bell Elmer Mrs. B. C. Bradshaw Death MO 1933_0040
Bellair School, 1912-13 photograph, identified news MO 1968_0020
Below George K. Death MO 1971_0005
Bendell Dewey Roxy Bendell Death MO 1967_0001
Benedict Mary Ida Mrs. Joseph Benedict Death MO 1983_0018
Bennett T.  P. Death MO 1902_0002
Bennett Virginia Roberts Mrs. Samuel Bennett Death MO 1983_0002
Bente Lois Elizabeth Death MO 1990_0006
Benthall W. O.  Mrs. L. C. Miller Mrs. Death MO 1942_0026
Bentley Sallie Mae Mrs. Mack Robinson Death MO 1989_0011
Benton Claude Lillian Cunningham Mrs. marriage MO 1932_0039
Benton Thomas Hart  "Judge" Dana Stone Death MO 1959_0004
Benton Thomas Hart  "Judge" Death MO 1959_0005
Berger N. J. Death MO 1962_0015
Bergman Karl infant son birth MO 1933_0018
Bergman Mary Aleene Steele Mrs. Phillip Adam Bergman Death MO 1995_0013
Bergman Philip A. Mary Aleene Steele marriage MO 1924_0002
Bergman Phillip A. Mary Arlene Steele Death MO 1976_0010
Bergman Phillip Harold Ilsa M. Hayes Death MO 2006_0001
Bergman Phillip Mrs.  Katherine Deuschle Mrs. Death MO 1963_0012
Bergman Reuben J. Death MO 1995_0008
Bergman Sylvia Jean Grosvenor Mrs. Kenneth Bergman Death MO 2001_0017
Bergmann Stella M. Hink Mrs. Phillip J. Bergmann Death MO 1980_0029
Berry Eldon Marie Viertel marriage MO 1927_0026
Berry Franklin Artie Rennison Death MO 1955_0007
Berry Franklin Lee Gladys Ann Norris Death MO 1946_0007
Berry Harry Lon Death MO 1979_0015
Besse Dean Mrs. Pauline Haley  Death MO 1975_0020
Betteridge W. N. Mrs. William Nelson Betteridge Death MO 1959_0006
Betteridge William Nelson Death MO 1982_0011
Betteridge William Nelson Cammie Opal Lewis Death MO 1982_0012
Bezoni Elsie Laura Bezoni Death MO 1991_0001
Bieber H. S. Mrs.   Death MO 1962_0004
Bieri Ralph William Shirley Darlene Simmons  Death MO 2002_0007
Biggs J. Paul suicide Death MO 1927_0039
Biggs Paul W. Kathryn Enos marriage MO 1940_0049
Bilbruck James Bret Jeanie Ilene Sample  marriage MO 1985_0026
Billingsley John J.  Edna Peoples Death MO 1985_0027
Billiter R. Douglas Sr. Nancy Burford Death MO 1982_0010
Bingram Wilbur Pearl Staff Sgt. Death MO 1947_0024
Birge Charles Wilton Dorothy Shippee Death MO 1999_0018
Bishop Asa infant daughter birth MO 1926_0013
Bishop Bettie Mrs. Bertha Glenn Mrs. Death MO 1935_0031
Bishop Floyd L. Beverly Ann Trees Death MO 1999_0010
Bishop James Albert Raymond Bishop Death MO 1951_0013
Bishop Mary Martha Newkirk Dix Thomas Mrs. Norman D. "Woody" Bishop Death MO 1992_0035
Bishop Mary Martha Newkirk Dix Thomas Mrs. David N. Adams Death MO 1992_0036
Bittner Emil Jr. news MO 1933_0011
Biven James LaMonte MO Death MO 1938_0002
Blackey Sam  Elmer Steel Death MO 1934_0015
Blackwater News local news first page of column news MO 1908_0007
Blackwater News local news second page of column news MO 1908_0008
Blackwater News local news news MO 1910_0017
Blair Asa E. Nancy E. Campbell Mrs. marriage MO 1909_0001
Blakesley Anna L. George Don George Death MO 1993_0013
Blanck Albert infant daughter birth MO 1933_0004
Blanck Albert furlough news MO 1918_0024
Blanck Albert Frank Mildred Whitehurst Death MO 1960_0005
Blanck Alice Kempf Mrs. Marion Blanck Death MO 1972_0010
Blankenbaker Frank Death MO 1904_0003
Blankenbaker Virginia Lee Carey Mrs. Robert F. Blankenbaker Death MO 2005_0015
Blankenship Robert infant daughter birth MO 1927_0047
Bleckmann Martha Borgmeyer Mrs. Norbert Bleckmann Death MO 1976_0018
Bledsoe William Clay "Dutch" accidental  Death MO 1963_0015
Blodgett Tommy Neil Kenneth Blodgett Death MO 1972_0012
Blume Johanna Humfeld Mrs. Martin W. Blume Death MO 1975_0011
Blythe James N. Sallie Woolery Death MO 1926_0048
Blythe Sally Woolery Mrs. James Blythe Death MO 1949_0006
Bodenstab Lorenz F. Irene A. Hamm marriage MO 1924_0018
Boehm John Mrs. Death MO 1959_0023
Boggemeier William Death MO 1959_0021
Boggs Raymond infant son birth MO 1967_0005
Bohm Lewis Mrs. Death MO 1942_0006
Bolton Henry Lorenzo Louise Rissler Death MO 1969_0016
Boon  Wkly Adv circuit court   court  MO 1915_0008
Boon Wkly Adv final settlemen t MO 1915_0013
Boon Wkly Adv local news news MO 1919_0002
Boon Wkly Adv Otterville column news MO 1915_0007
Boon Wkly Adv real estate sales MO 1915_0013
Boon.  Adv. Speed column news MO 1927_0013
Boon. Adv. Billingsville column news MO 1933_0038
Boon. Adv. Blackwater column news MO 1927_0033
Boon. Adv. Clark's Fork column news MO 1933_0028
Boon. Adv. Clark's Fork column news MO 1933_0034
Boon. Adv. draft names news MO 1940_0038
Boon. Adv. draft names news MO 1940_0041
Boon. Adv. draft names news MO 1940_0045
Boon. Adv. draft names cont. Cont. of 1940_0038 news MO 1940_0039
Boon. Adv. draft names cont. Cont. of 1940_0039 news MO 1940_0040
Boon. Adv. draft names, cont. Cont. of 1940_0041 news MO 1940_0042
Boon. Adv. draft names, cont. Cont. of 1940_0042 news MO 1940_0043
Boon. Adv. draft names, cont. Cont. of 1940_0043 news MO 1940_0044
Boon. Adv. Lakota column news MO 1933_0038
Boon. Adv. local news news MO 1927_0019
Boon. Adv. local news news MO 1933_0018
Boon. Adv. local news news MO 1934_0003
Boon. Adv. Mt Hermon column news MO 1933_0019
Boon. Adv. Mt. Hermon column news MO 1933_0032
Boon. Adv. Mt. Hermon column news MO 1933_0037
Boon. Adv. New Lebanon column news MO 1933_0038
Boon. Adv. November babies news MO 1940_0049
Boon. Adv. Oak Grove column news MO 1933_0014
Boon. Adv. Otterville col. Cont. cont. of 1927_0035 news MO 1927_0036
Boon. Adv. Otterville col., cont. cont. of 1927_0030 news MO 1927_0031
Boon. Adv. Otterville column news MO 1927_ 0045
Boon. Adv. Otterville column news MO 1927_0015
Boon. Adv. Otterville column news MO 1927_0020
Boon. Adv. Otterville column news MO 1927_0022
Boon. Adv. Otterville column news MO 1927_0024
Boon. Adv. Otterville column news MO 1927_0030
Boon. Adv. Otterville column news MO 1927_0032
Boon. Adv. Otterville column news MO 1927_0035
Boon. Adv. Otterville column news MO 1927_0041
Boon. Adv. Otterville column news MO 1927_0043
Boon. Adv. Otterville column news MO 1927-0037
Boon. Adv. Otterville column news MO 1929_0003
Boon. Adv. Otterville column news MO 1929_0018
Boon. Adv. Otterville column news MO 1933_0013
Boon. Adv. Otterville column news MO 1933_0015
Boon. Adv. Otterville column news MO 1933_0019
Boon. Adv. Otterville column news MO 1933_0025
Boon. Adv. Otterville column news MO 1933_0026
Boon. Adv. Otterville column news MO 1933_0027
Boon. Adv. Otterville column news MO 1933_0030
Boon. Adv. Otterville column news MO 1933_0037
Boon. Adv. Otterville column news MO 1933_0041
Boon. Adv. Otterville column news MO 1939_0021
Boon. Adv. Otterville column news MO 1939_0026
Boon. Adv. Otterville column news MO 1947_0027
Boon. Adv. Otterville column cont Cont. of 1927_0015 news MO 1927_0016
Boon. Adv. Otterville column cont. news MO 1947_0028
Boon. Adv. Otterville Senior Class news MO 1928_0007
Boon. Adv. Pilot Grove column news MO 1933_0034
Boon. Adv. Pisgah column news MO 1933_0041
Boon. Adv. Pleasant Green column news MO 1927_0038
Boon. Adv. So. Moniteau column news MO 1939_0021
Boon. Adv. Speed column news MO 1927_0025
Boon. Adv. Speed column news MO 1927_0044
Boon. Adv. Speed column news MO 1933_0010
Boon. Adv. Speed column news MO 1940_0036
Boon. Adv. Speed column news MO 1958_0005
Boon. Daily Adv. Otterville column news MO 1970_0002
Boon. Daily News Clark's Fork column news MO 1966_0017
Boon. Daily News local news news MO 1943_0015
Boon. Daily News local news news MO 1966_0006
Boon. Daily News Otterville  column news MO 1935_0026
Boon. Daily News Otterville column news MO 1948_0005
Boon. Daily News Otterville column news MO 1948_0018
Boon. Daily News Otterville column news MO 1951_0003
Boon. Daily News Otterville column news MO 1968_0018
Boon. Daily News Otterville column, cont. Cont. of 1951_0003 news MO 1951_0004
Boon. Daily News Speed column news MO 1963_0029
Boon. Daily News Speed column news MO 1968_0028
Boon. Wkly Adv. Boonville news news MO 1925_0033
Boon. Wkly Adv. Clifton  City column news MO 1925_0012
Boon. Wkly Adv. Lamine column news MO 1924_0014
Boon. Wkly Adv. local interest news MO 1924_0006
Boon. Wkly Adv. local news news MO 1920_0018
Boon. Wkly Adv. local news news MO 1923_0012
Boon. Wkly Adv. local news news MO 1924_0010
Boon. Wkly Adv. local news news MO 1929_0033
Boon. Wkly Adv. local news news MO 1929_0034
Boon. Wkly Adv. local news news MO 1929_0035
Boon. Wkly Adv. local news news MO 1957_0014
Boon. Wkly Adv. local news news MO 1958_0020
Boon. Wkly Adv. local news news MO 1958_0021
Boon. Wkly Adv. local news news MO 1958_0022
Boon. Wkly Adv. local news news MO 1958_0032
Boon. Wkly Adv. local news news MO 1958_0039
Boon. Wkly Adv. Lupus column news MO 1925_0012
Boon. Wkly Adv. Mt. Hermon column news MO 1935_0015
Boon. Wkly Adv. Mt. Hermon column news MO 1935_0032
Boon. Wkly Adv. Mt. Hermon column news MO 1936_0001
Boon. Wkly Adv. Mt. Hermon column news MO 1936_0003
Boon. Wkly Adv. Mt. Hermon column news MO 1936_0005
Boon. Wkly Adv. Mt. Hermon column news MO 1936_0013
Boon. Wkly Adv. Mt. Hermon column news MO 1936_0015
Boon. Wkly Adv. Otterville column news MO 1923_0019
Boon. Wkly Adv. Otterville column news MO 1923_0020
Boon. Wkly Adv. Otterville column news MO 1923_0022
Boon. Wkly Adv. Otterville column news MO 1924_0011
Boon. Wkly Adv. Otterville column news MO 1924_0012
Boon. Wkly Adv. Otterville column news MO 1925_0009
Boon. Wkly Adv. Otterville column news MO 1925_0011
Boon. Wkly Adv. Otterville column news MO 1925_0013
Boon. Wkly Adv. Otterville column news MO 1926_0013
Boon. Wkly Adv. Otterville column news MO 1926_0015
Boon. Wkly Adv. Otterville column cont. of 1926_0015 news MO 1926_0016
Boon. Wkly Adv. Otterville column news MO 1935_0007
Boon. Wkly Adv. Otterville Items news MO 1923_0016
Boon. Wkly Adv. Peninsula column news MO 1925_0012
Boon. Wkly Adv. Pilot Grove column news MO 1923_0001
Boon. Wkly Adv. Pleasant Green column news MO 1924_0009
Boon. Wkly Adv. Speed column news MO 1923_0002
Boon. Wkly Adv. Speed column news MO 1923_0009
Boon. Wkly Adv. Speed column news MO 1923_0012
Boon. Wkly Adv. Speed column news MO 1923_0013
Boon. Wkly Adv. Speed column news MO 1923_0017
Boon. Wkly Adv. Speed column news MO 1923_0026
Boon. Wkly Adv. Speed column news MO 1924_0014
Boon. Wkly Adv. Speed column news MO 1925_0009
Boon. Wkly Adv. Speed column news MO 1925_0036
Boon. Wkly Adv. Speed column news MO 1926_0009
Boon. Wkly Adv. Speed column news MO 1926_0011
Boon. Wkly Adv. Speed column news MO 1926_0018
Boon. Wkly Adv. Speed column news MO 1926_0022
Boon. Wkly Adv. Speed column news MO 1956_0002
Boon. Wkly Adv. Speed column news MO 1957_0001
Boon. Wkly Adv. Speed column news MO 1957_0014
Boon. Wkly Adv. Speed column news MO 1958_0010
Boon. Wkly Adv. Speed column news MO 1958_0013
Boon. Wkly Adv. Speed column news MO 1958_0014
Boon. Wkly Adv. Speed column news MO 1958_0018
Boon. Wkly Adv. Speed column news MO 1958_0019
Boon. Wkly Adv. Speed column news MO 1958_0027
Boon. Wkly Adv. Speed column news MO 1958_0028
Boon. Wkly Adv. Students at Warrensb. list MO 1922_0024
Boon. Wkly Adv. local news MO 1925_0006
Boon. Wky Adv. local news news MO 1914_0006
Boon. Wky. Advertiser column news MO 1906_0013
Boon. Wky. Advertiser column news MO 1906_0014
Boon. Wky. Advertiser news column news MO 1909_0020
Boon. Wky. Advertiser Otterville column news MO 1906_0006
Boon. Wky. Advertiser news MO 1903_0010
Boonville Babies  Awards news MO 1930_0024
Boonville Catholic H. S. Seniors to present play news MO 1933_0011
Boonville Daily News Communistic Dream article MO 1929_0027
Boonville Evangelical Chur. Honoring all  who died  during the past year. news MO 1943_0017
Boonville High School 1932 graduates news MO 1932_0023
Boonville High School 99 graduates news MO 1941_0026
Boonville High School 99 graduates Cont from 1941_0026 news MO 1941_0027
Boonville High School Music Honors - 1941 news MO 1941_0025
Boonville Wkly Adv. local news MO 1890_0003
Boonville Wkly Adv. local news MO 1897_0004
Boonville Wkly Adv. local news column MO 1886_0003
Boonville Wkly Adv. local news column MO 1886_0004
Boonville Wkly Adv. local news column MO 1886_0006
Boonville Wkly Adv. local news column MO 1886_0007
Boonville Wkly Adv. local news column MO 1888_0005
Boonville Wkly Adv. local news column MO 1888_0006
Boonville Wkly Adv. local news column MO 1888_0010
Boonville Wkly Adv. Old Settlers Column first page MO 1885_0001
Boonville Wkly Adv. Old Settlers Column second page MO 1885_0002
Boonville Wkly Adv. Records of 1884 several pages MO 1885_0003
Boonville Wkly Adv. Records of 1885 several pages MO 1886_0001
Boonville Wkly Adv. Records of 1886 several pages MO 1887_0001
Boonville Wkly Adv. humor MO 1899_0027
Boonville Wky News news MO 1901_0007
Boot Dean R. Mrs. Frank J. Boot Death OK 1971_0002
Booth Harry Death MO 1977_0002
Bopp Herbert Jerome  Ruth O'June Kissee Death MO 1982_0027
Borchardt Harold R. Anita Ellen Cline marriage MO 1951_0003
Boring Ruby M. Mrs. Carl Boring murdered MO 1972_0007
Borne Mr. Death MO 1921_0007
Borts Viola F. Brizendine Mrs. Joseph D. Borts Death MO 2003_0011
Bosau Fred infant daughter birth MO 1924_0014
Bossy in the well MO 1940_0012
Bottom Augusta L. Wheatley Mrs. Lawrence Bottom Death MO 2003_0012
Bottom Lewis Carey  Katharina "Lilly" E. Keilmann Death MO 1992_0028
Bottoms Hayden Meredith  Agnes Virginia Wingate Death MO 1999_0010
Bottoms John D. Vioal McCain Death MO 1988_0005
Bowers John Mary K. Bowers Mrs. Death MO 1947_0002
Bowers Myrtle Allie  Death MO 1979_0015
Bowley Robert Eugene Patricia Gale Groot Death CA 2005_0018
Bowmer Elizabeth Mrs. Elizabeth Gilbreath Death MO 1918_0001
Bozart Kenneth         infant daughter birth MO 1939_0033
Bradshaw Marie H.  Death MO 1998_0016
Bradshaw William Thomas Marie Haley Death MO 1967_0017
Brady James Ida May Fluke marriage MO 1905_0012
Braithwaite Zane A.  Steve A. Braithwaite Death MO 2003_0007
Branch William John  Mary Louise Meredith Death MO 1989_0008
Bransteter Lester infant daughter Death MO 1920_0013
Branstetter Alma M. Walter  Gene Branstetter Death MO 2002_0017
Branstetter Clara Vann Mrs. James Branstetter Death MO 1986_0004
Branstetter Earl  Alma Walter Death MO 1980_0016
Branstetter Elwood Arthur Gertrude Grady Mrs. Death MO 1972_0034
Branstetter Ethel Lucina Smith Mrs. Cornelius Branstetter Death MO 2001_0025
Branstetter Gene L.  Pearl Nadine Speer Death MO 1998_0021
Branstetter Jo Ann miss Earl Branstetter Death MO 2004_0011
Branstetter Lee Essie Branstetter Death MO 1939_0031
Branstetter Nadine Glenn Mrs. Russell Branstetter Death MO 1992_0019
Branstetter Pearl Nadine Speer Gene L. Branstetter Death MO 1995_0002
Branstetter Pearl Nadine Speer Gene L. Branstetter Death MO 1995_0003
Branstetter Percy Norman Rennison Death MO 1950_0005
Branstetter Reed Lillian Wilcox Death MO 1983_0004
Branstetter Russell Alta Nadine Glenn Death MO 1986_0010
Branstetter Walton "Pee Wee" Arawana Drake Death MO 1986_0002
Branstetter Walton "Pee Wee" Death MO 1986_0003
Brasfield Catherine Pearl miss Josepheus Brasfield Death MO 1992_0013
Brayman James R. Pvt. M. T. Brayman news MO 1945_0001
Bredehoft August Frieda Kuecker marriage MO 1928_0023
Brengarth Theodore W.  operation news MO 1942_0001
Brennon Frank Ethel Jenkins Death MO 1971_0030
Briggs Edwin Mrs. Gussie Smith Geiger Death MO 1977_0003
Briscoe Harley Mabel Pearson Mrs. Death MO 1965_0002
Brockman Hulda Schelp Mrs. Henry Brokemann Death MO 1969_0016
Brooks Eula Marie Utt Mrs. Cecil Eldon Brooks Death MO 1973_0014
Brooks Minnie E. Mrs. Death MO 1974_0024
Brown Albert "uncle" Death MO 1915_0011
Brown Arrie Witcher S. M. Brown Death MO 1920_0016
Brown Dick J. P. Dunham Death MO 1927_0031
Brown Fred "Hop" Mrs. Hurt Stone Death MO 1941_0015
Brown George T. Mrs. James Eads Death MO 1920_0003
Brown Henry C. Mrs. Death MO 1931_0023
Brown James Peel Death MO 1918_0028
Brown John C.  Mabel E. Edwards Death MO 1980_0028
Brown Josie Lee White Mrs. Lawrence J. Brown Death MO 1995_0011
Brown Josie Lee White Mrs. Lawrence J. Brown Death MO 1995_0012
Brown Leo E. "Bud"  Death MO 1995_0012
Brown Mabel E. Edwards Mrs. John Coe Brown Death MO 1982_0021
Brown Martha Sue Smith Mrs. Cecil E. Brown Death MO 1988_0006
Brown Mary Gretchen Case Mrs. Eranus Case Death MO 2001_0028
Brown Mary Mrs. John P. Dunham Death MO 1926_0015
Brown William H. infant daughter birth MO 1952_0005
Brown  Steve infant son birth MO 1992_0024
Brownfield Dorothy Mrs. Clifford A. Brownfield Death MO 1960_0014
Brownfield George E.  Margaret Walker Death MO 1990_0007
Brownfield Leona May Rockwood Mrs. Leonard H. Brownfield Death MO 1974_0014
Brownfield Mararet Mrs. James E. Neal Death MO 1939_0002
Browning  Gerald   Wilkes Elizabeth Helen Hanlon marriage MO 1932_0039
Brownsberger Bill pledged  fraternity news MO 1942_0008
Brubaker Edna Mae Cook Mrs. Joseph W. Brubaker Death MO 1974_0008
Brubaker Frances E. Gander Mrs. Daniel R. Brubaker Death MO 1933_0032
Brubaker Joe infant daughter birth MO 1930_0008
Brubaker Nancy Hurt Mrs. H. V. Brubaker Death MO 1963_0030
Brubeck Arma Lee Culertson Mrs. William H. Brubeck Death MO 2001_0027
Bruce Bertha H. Good Mrs. Clarence H. Bruce Death MO 1948_0015
Bruce Boone house burned news MO 1934_0004
Bruce D. T. "Tucker" Death MO 1920_0018
Bruce Emma Q.   Death MO 1985_0006
Bruce Emma Q. Case Mrs. Oden Bruse Death MO 1985_0005
Bruce Helen Tharp Mrs. James M. Bruce Death MO 2004_0009
Bruce Isaac Oden Emma Case Death MO 1956_0010
Bruce John Oden Bruce Death MO 1941_0034
Bruce Lelia B. miss Daniel Bruce Death MO 1980_0009
Bruce Margaret J. Clay Mrs. John M. Bruce Death MO 1933_0037
Bruce Sarah C. Mrs. Oden Bruce Death MO 1950_0003
Bruce William J. Helen R. Bruce divorce MO 1976_0041
Brueckner Pauline Diane  Death MO 1991_0005
Bryan Henry E. Sr. Mrs. Jessie Simpson  Death MO 1976_0020
Bryan Howard  and his wife, Mrs. Bryan Death MO 1935_0032
Bryan J. Herman Verna Riddle marriage MO 1927_0037
Bryan Julia Ann Mrs. William L. Bryan Death MO 1942_0001
Bryan Lloyd Hungerford  Ida Mae Douglas  Death MO 1991_0002
Bryan Mary Louise Johnston Mrs. John F. Bryan Death MO 1991_0016
Bryan Rosa A. Hamilton Mrs. Frank E. Bryan Death MO 1971_0001
Bryson Daniel Ray "Corky" Marie Mowell Death MO 1988_0014
Buchanan James L.  Robert Buchanan Death MO 1989_0018
Bucher Helen Laney  Death MO 1969_0016
Buckler John Juanita Woods marriage MO 1927_0018
Buckley Thomas   Death MO 1946_0013
Bunceton High School Seniors of 1941 photograph news MO 1941_0024
Buoy Stella Mrs. Betty Lou Mudd Mrs. Death MO 1956_0007
Burch Caroline May  Mrs. Alvin W. Burch Death MO 1983_0018
Burch Elmer Eugene Anna McMahan marriage  MO 1913_0013
Burch Walter Clark Dr. infant daughter birth MO 1927_0043
Burford A. L. William Burford Death MO 1937_0008
Burford Arthur L. accident Death MO 1937_0003
Burford Arthur L. Death MO 1937_0004
Burford Arthur L.  "Dick" Sarah Frances Yarnell Death MO 1937_0005
Burford Arthur Y. 50th anniversary    news MO 1977_0028
Burford Ida May Langdon Mrs. John Burks Burford Death MO 1985_0016
Burford Lina Mrs. A. T. Burford Death MO 1935_0030
Burford Lloyd "Bud" Agness Stark Death MO 1974_0006
Burford Mary Ellen Busch Mrs. Wade Leslie Burford Death MO 1996_0021
Burford Milton A. Death MO 1921_0008
Burford Phil R. Sr. Mary Elizabeth Beeler Death MO 1971_0023
Burford Sarah Frances Yarnell Mrs. Arthur Burford Death MO 1961_0023
Burford Sarah Lotie Gentry Mrs. Arthur Yarnell Burford Death MO 1993_0013
Burford Wade L. Mary Ellen Busch marriage MO 1924_0002
Burford Wade Leslie Mary Ellen Busch  Death MO 1993_0011
Burks George Isom  Annie Friedrich Death MO 1982_0015
Burnett Kate Arni Reed Mrs. Arthur Burnett Death MO 1956_0013
Burnett Larry C. Dorine Johnson Death MO 1981_0022
Burnett Larry Charles  James Edward Hackworth Death MO 1981_0021
Burnham Vivian R.  Tyrone Burnham Death MO 1980_0005
Burrell Cleo Walter Death MO 1995_0014
Burrell George W. Sarah Frances Dodson miss Death MO 1942_0005
Burrell Gladys George Burrell Death MO 1926_0008
Burrell Sarah Louisa  A. C. Burrell Death MO 1940_0005
Burroughs Lyle M.  Robert N. Burroughs Death MO 1983_0016
Burruss David N. Mrs. N. K. Myers Death MO 1941_0003
Burton Pat infant son Death MO 1889_0005
Buschmeyer Herbert J. Isabelle P. Goodwin marriage MO 1927_0018
Bush Dorothy Walker Prescott Bush Death MO 1992_0038
Butts  Larry Dwayne lawn mower accident news MO 1966_0015
Butts  Larry Dwayne lawn mower accident news MO 1966_0016
Byerly Sarah Ellen "Lottie" Mrs. Oscar Byerly Death MO 2001_0027
Byler Leonora Hurt Mrs. Robert T. Byler Death MO 1939_0008
Byler Robert Mrs. Leonora Hurt  Death MO 1939_0007
Byrd George W.  Pleasant Byrd Death MO 1971_0005
Byrd Harvey  Gertrude Saltzberger Death MO 1949_0016
Byrd Harvey Marion Rail Crossing Accident Death MO 1949_0015
Cabel James Franklin Olivia Lugering Death MO 1982_0016
Cable Frank  Laura Case Death MO 1942_0020
Cable John William  Dorothy Stanley Death MO 1979_0020
Cable Laura Jane Case Mrs. J. Frank Cable Death MO 1968_0050
Cain Charles infant daughter birth MO 1942_0003
Caldwell Charles  the Rev. Catherine Sheldon Death MO 1994_0011
Caley Lola S. Mrs. Death MO 1971_0003
Calhoun Mildred Thomas Mrs. Walter C. Calhoun Death MO 1968_0054
Campbell Sarah Margaret Sarah Hamilton Death MO 1928_0020
Candidates Local election news MO 1930_0029
Candidates, con't. Local election cont. of 1930_0029 news MO 1930_0030
Canote Eunice V. McMahan Mrs Death MO 1979_0016
Canote Louis R. Eunice Canote Mrs. Death MO 1968_0009
Capehart Catherine Mrs. Austin Capehart Death MO 1943_0003
Capps Cora Bell Mrs. Clarence Norman Capps Death MO 1970_0014
Cardin James W.   Death MO 1935_0033
Carey Alfred  George Carey Death MO 1902_0004
Carey Annie (Carlos) E. E. Carey, principal Death MO 1910_0004
Carey Aubra Louise Davis marriage MO 1934_0004
Carey Aubra Monroe Mary Louise Davis Death MO 1998_0013
Carey Carlos Ruth Cartner marriage MO 1933_0029
Carey Claude Charged in Shooting news MO 1950_0008
Carey E. E. Anna Carlos marriage MO 1889_0004
Carey E. E.  promotion news MO 1927_0012
Carey Edgar  R. R. S. Carey Death MO 1925_0014
Carey George Death MO 1909_0015
Carey George Henry Millie May McClary Death MO 1961_0014
Carey George Henry Death MO 1961_0015
Carey George Henry Death MO 1961_0016
Carey George Mrs. Sarah Russell Death MO 1907_0003
Carey Grace Cropper miss Charles Carey Death MO 1969_0004
Carey Hy infant daughter birth MO 1927_0025
Carey J. Monteville W. F. Hill Death MO 1901_0010
Carey James "Red Carey injury MO 1940_0035
Carey Jeff  infant son birth MO 1998_0023
Carey Joe Death MO 1910_0005
Carey Joseph Susan A. Hill marriage MO 1881_0001
Carey Kenneth L. Les Carey Death MO 2009_0002
Carey Leonard Nellie Bowman marriage MO 1941_0037
Carey Leonard Edmund Nellie Bowman Death MO 1998_0017
Carey Les a history as a banker, page 1 news MO 1978_0011
Carey Les a history as a banker, page 2 news MO 1978_0012
Carey Les a history as a banker, page 3 news MO 1978_0013
Carey Leslie R. Ilena Engle Death MO 1982_0005
Carey Louisa Ellen Miss Mrs. Pulley Death MO 1923_0004
Carey Matilda Mrs. Death MO 1927_0005
Carey Matilda T. Mrs. self written Death MO 1927_0007
Carey Maude Williams Mrs. Edwar H. Carey Death MO 1976_0032
Carey Raymond infant son birth MO 1940_0019
Carey Raymond Mollie Cartner marriage MO 1907_0001
Carey Raymond (Red) Ray McCleary Mrs. Death MO 1954_0018
Carey Rhyme infant son birth MO 1926_0009
Carey Rimey Sr. Death MO 1958_0039
Carey Robert A. Sr. Mrs. Kathryn Ann Niederwimmer Death MO 1968_0052
Carey Robert Arthur Sr. Kathryn Ann Niederwimmer Death MO 1971_0029
Carey Robert J. Marie Ameilia Moehle marriage MO 1942_0008
Carey Robert Mrs. Jane Watt Death MO 1931_0004
Carey Roy Mrs. "Stork" shower news MO 1964_0019
Carey Thurman D, Alice F. Burrel Death MO 1956_0006
Carey Thurman Mrs. Death MO 1935_0032
Carey W. S. infant girl birth MO 1918_0023
Carey Wilbur Stevens R. Carey Death MO 1926_0022
Carey William Henry  Jean Baptist Death MO 2000_0032
Carey William Mrs. English War Bride news MO 1947_0015
Carey William R. Mary Lee Carey Mrs. Death MO 1969_0019
Carpenter Andrew M. Madie F. Guyer marriage MO 1905_0012
Carpenter Homer L. Bessie Hurt Death MO 1951_0013
Carpenter Robert A. Robert R. Carpenter Death MO 1954_0011
Carr Evelyn "Auntie"  Wayne Case Death MO 2000_0003
Carr Evelyn "Auntie"  Lois Tittle Death MO 2000_0004
Carr Tony Jr. Evelyn Carr Mrs. Death MO 1974_0005
Carroll Robert Lee Death MO 1991_0008
Carson Bill Davis Wilma Talbert Death MO 1977_0013
Carson Charles Thomas "Babe" Lula Francis Homan Death MO 1976_0018
Carson Lula F. Homan Mrs. Charles Thomas Carson Death MO 1982_0004
Carson Lula S. Homan Mrs. Charles Carson Death MO 1982_0003
Carter Floyd Ray Ruby Virginia Renno Death MO 1989_0014
Carter Virginia Renno Mrs. Floyd Ray Carter Death MO 1956_0014
Carter Volney R. Wanda G. Sims marriage MO 1940_0037
Cartner Charles James Case Mrs. Death MO 1920_0010
Cartner Charles James Case news MO 1909_0017
Cartner Elmer Mary Back Death MO 1957_0021
Cartner Elmer Mary Back Death MO 1957_0022
Cartner H. C. probate court MO 1914_0009
Cartner H. C. probate court MO  1914_0012
Cartner Henry John N. Cartner Death MO 1958_0035
Cartner Homer  Franklin     James Cartner Death MO 1968_0033
Cartner Jack Earl Easter injured MO 1917_0009
Cartner Jack  Earl Easter attack MO 1913_0010
Cartner Jackson Frank Runkle injury MO 1913_0005
Cartner James E. Mattie Embrie Death MO 1939_0017
Cartner James E.  Gladys Lee Pardoe Dietzel Death MO 1978_0022
Cartner James Leon Leona Gier Death MO 1971_0015
Cartner John Death MO 1899_0019
Cartner John Edward Tom Cartner Mrs. Death MO 1947_0004
Cartner John M. Mary E. Hurt marriage MO 1877_0001
Cartner John N. James Drennen Mrs. Death MO 1928_0016
Cartner Jonathan Boy Scout achievement news MO 1998_0006
Cartner Leona M. Gler Mrs. James L. Cartner Death MO 1995_0015
Cartner Marie Rennison Mrs. Theodore Cartner Death MO 1954_0013
Cartner Mary   Mrs. "Aunt Mary" Death MO 1934_0003
Cartner Mary B. "Granny" Back Mrs. Elmer Cartner Death MO 1981_0010
Cartner Mrs. Charles Death MO 1892_0003
Cartner T. J. news MO 1913_0008
Cartner Theodore Maria Rennison Death MO 1929_0031
Cartner Theodore residence burned news MO 1918_0021
Cartner Thomas Etta May Cartner divorce MO 1915_0008
Cartner Virginia M. Bacon Mrs. Bob R. Cartner Death MO 1994_0004
Cartner William G. Andrew Ramsey Death MO 1854_0002
Cartner Wm. S. Death MO 1901_0004
Carver Opal Fern Bell Mrs. Thomas M. Carver Death MO 1985_0019
Carver Ray L. Sadie F. Sachsenheimer marriage MO 1927_0018
Cary Aubra broken leg injury MO 1958_0010
Cary Carlos   twin infant sons birth MO 1969_0021
Cary Carlos R. Louise Krohn marriage MO 1969_0001
Cary Carlos R. Louise Krohn photograph MO 1969_0002
Cary Christopher Carlos infant son birth MO 1992_0017
Cary Dorothy Walker Edward H. Carey Death MO 1994_0006
Cary Dorothy Wycliff Sallie Smith Mrs. Death MO 1929_0003
Cary Earl C. Ruth Cartner Death MO 1979_0026
Cary Earl C. Mrs. birthday party news MO 1965_0007
Cary Harve C. Rymie Cary Death MO 1953_0019
Cary Harvey Steve Rhoda Miller Death MO 1953_0020
Cary Jefferson Everett's Ferry Death MO 1834_0001
Cary Logan Carlos Nathan Cary Death MO 2006_0005
Cary Logan Wickliffe "Wick" Jr. Logan Wickliffe Cary Sr. Death MO 2009_0012
Cary Mark Robin Jacobi marriage MO 1996_0018
Cary Mary A. wife of George W. Death MO 1883_0002
Cary R. S. Mrs. Mollie Ann Cartner Death MO 1928_0006
Cary Rhoda E. Miller Mrs. Harvey S. Cary Death MO 1983_0021
Cary Rimey S. Sr. Molly Cartner Death MO 1958_0038
Cary Rimey Smith "Rowdy"  Wilma Gerhardt Death MO 1998_0027
Cary Robert D.  Earl C. Cary Death MO 1966_0022
Cary Robert D.  Earl C. Cary Death MO 1966_0023
Cary Robert Dale Earl C. Cary Death MO 1966_0021
Cary Ruth  photograph news MO 1996_0002
Cary Ruth M. Cartner Earl C. Cary Death MO 2008_0007
Cary Tracy Allen Mrs. John Cary Death MO 2002_0006
Cary W. S.  Death MO 1946_0010
Cary Ward D. "Buddy"  Rosalee Cary Mrs. Death MO 1964_0008
Cary Ward Duwane S. W. Cary Death MO 1964_0006
Cary Will S. Memoriam MO 1947_0019 
Cary William J.  Thomas Stull Mrs. Death MO 1913_0012
Cary William Simpson Della Watson Death MO 1946_0009
Cary Wilma Georgia  Gerhardt Mrs. Rimey Cary Death MO 1986_0014
Cary  Joyce miss Earl C. Cary news MO 1964_0010
Casdorph Roy  Walter Casdorph Death MO 1972_0017
Case A. W. Mrs. J. I. Vaughn news MO 1913_0011
Case Berta Hayslip Mrs. John W. Case Death MO 1996_0010
Case Bertha 5 generation photo news MO 1992_0037
Case Carrie E. Perkins Mrs. Leslie S. Case Death MO 1972_0018
Case Carrie E. Perkins Mrs. Leslie S. Case Death MO 1972_0019
Case Charles D. Charles Case Death MO 1923_0010
Case Charles E. Katherine Stoecklein marriage MO 1929_0010
Case Charles Ed Kathryn Stoecklein Death MO 1971_0028
Case Charles Martain Idell Mercereau Death MO 1941_0005
Case Charles Mrs. William L. Bryan Death MO 1961_0005
Case Charley J.  Roszella Peel Death MO 1992_0011
Case Charley Mrs. Roszella Davenport Death MO 1985_0015
Case E. A.  H. D. Case Death MO 1941_0011
Case E. A. Mrs. Cora Chamberlin Death MO 1924_0020
Case Elijah Alexander A. D. Woolery Mrs Death MO 1941_0009
Case Elijah Jr. Pearl Smih marriage MO 1903_0009
Case Elizabeth Mrs. Samuel S. Case Death MO 1883_0003
Case Elvin Ray Minnie D. Hunt Death MO 1987_0002
Case Emma Jane Cartner Mrs. James Thomas Case Death MO 1976_0015
Case Emma Jane Mrs. Death MO 1976_0016
Case Ernest E. Minnie Helen Case Mrs. Death MO 1998_0004
Case Ernest E. the Third Cynthia Case Mrs. Death MO 2000_0008
Case Ernest E. the Third Ernest E. Case Jr. Death MO 2000_0009
Case Ethel L. Brown  Henry Case Death MO 1985_0029
Case Forest E. Viola Case Mrs. Death MO 1979_0001
Case Geneva Bryan  Roy E. Case Death MO 2001_0029
Case H. D. pair of twin girls birth MO 1906_0006
Case H. D. infant daughter birth MO 1910_0008
Case H. D. news MO 1954_0014
Case Hattie Mabel  Norman Case Death MO 1989_0018
Case Helen G. Moore Herbert Case Death MO 2002_0003
Case Henry S. Ethel L. Brown Death MO 1975_0004
Case Herbert Death MO 1980_0004
Case Herbert Helen Moore marriage MO 1935_0001
Case Herbert D. Army Pvt.  James H. Case news MO 1959_0001
Case Herbert D. Army Pvt.  James H. Case news MO 1959_0002
Case Hiram D. Ida Frances Rennison Death MO 1955_0006
Case Hiram Earl H. D. Case Death MO 1918_0009
Case Ida Idell Mercereau Charles Case Death MO 1960_0003
Case Ida Rennison Mrs. H. D. Case Death MO 1923_0024
Case J. Eugene Dorothy Mary Rickus marriage MO 1929_0021
Case J. Herbert Helen Moore Death MO 1980_0001
Case J. S. Death MO 1941_0004
Case Jacob Mrs. Vic Coilin Death MO 1912_0009
Case Jacob M. H. D. Case Death MO 1912_0010
Case James car accident injury MO 1966_0018
Case James Dorcus Ellen Dittmar marriage MO 1958_0006
Case James E. "Jim" Jr. Dorcas Dittmar Death MO 2009_0008
Case James E. Jr. Dorcas Ellen Dittmar marriage MO 1957_0020
Case James Earl Verna A. Kerfoot Death MO 1994_0001
Case James Eugene Dorothy Rickus Death MO 1981_0014
Case James Eugene Mrs. Dorothy Rickus Death MO 1974_0025
Case James Franklin Lucile Case Mrs. Death MO 1961_0024
Case James Franklin Lucille Mawhiney Death MO 1961_0025
Case James S. Death MO 1974_0011
Case James Steven Sarah Mae Miller Death MO 1974_0010
Case James T. Emma Jane Cartner Death MO 1939_0012
Case John Stephen Margaret Harris Death MO 1941_0001
Case John Stephen Margaret Harris Death MO 1941_0002
Case John Stephen Death MO 1941_0003
Case John W. Death MO 1957_0008
Case John William Berta Hayslip Death MO 1957_0005
Case John William Death MO 1957_0006
Case John William Berta Hayslip marriage MO 1924_0018
Case John William Berta Hayslip marriage MO 1924_0019
Case Joyce Ann Sam D. Case Death MO 1947_0006
Case Joyce Ann Death MO 1947_0007
Case Joyce Ann Samuel Case Death MO 1947_0009
Case Kathryn       Death MO 1990_0004
Case Kathryn Stoecklein Mrs. Charles Case Death MO 1990_0003
Case L. Wibur Ruby Stuck Death MO 1990_0016
Case Laura Jane Mrs. Bradley Coulter Mrs. Death MO 1931_0016
Case Leslie S. Carrie E. Perkins Death MO 1969_0022
Case Mabel Bane H. D. Case news MO 1930_0035
Case Mabel Rebecca Griffith Mrs. Roland Case Death MO 1979_0013
Case Madge Alice Mrs. Norman Case Death MO 1994_0002
Case Maggie Harris Mrs. John Case Death MO 1942_0031
Case Maggie Mrs. John Case Death MO 1942_0030
Case Matt Mrs. Bettie Piatt Mrs. Death MO 1967_0010
Case Pearl Zelma Mrs. Elijah A. Case Jr. Death MO 1941_0013
Case Robert Dale  Dale Rexford Case Death MO 1999_0024
Case Robert E. Earnest E. Case Death MO 1979_0014
Case Robert E.  Dorothy O. Betteridge Death MO 2003_0002
Case Robert Earl infant daughter birth MO 1941_0046
Case Robert Earl Dorothy Opal Betteridge marriage MO 1940_0037
Case Roland Jacob Mable Rebecca Griffith Death MO 1984_0029
Case Roland Jacob Mabel Rebecca Griffith Death MO 1984_0030
Case Rolland Mable Griffith marriage MO 1934_0016
Case Roy  infant daughter birth MO 1951_0003
Case Roy   Geneva Bryan marriage MO 1935_0028
Case Roy C. Genevieve Bryan marriage MO 1935_0026
Case Roy E.  Geneva Evelyn Bryan Death MO 1988_0012
Case Roy LeRoy  Esther Davidson Death MO 1987_0003
Case S. F., M. A. Colin Samuel S. Case Death MO 1895_0005
Case S. S. Mrs. J. A. Herring Death MO 1922_0004
Case Sallie M.  Mrs. John W. Case Death MO 1940_0015
Case Sallie Mrs. Death MO 1940_0013
Case Sallie Mrs. John W. Case Death MO 1940_0013
Case Sam D. Ollie F. Short Death MO 1973_0002
Case Sam D. Death MO 1973_0003
Case Sam D. Mrs. John Short Death MO 1968_0016
Case Sam D. Mrs. Death MO 1968_0017
Case Sam Mrs. injury MO 1929_0029
Case Samuel D. Ollie Frances Short marriage  MO 1915_0014
Case Samuel F. Rebecca E. Case Death MO 1919_0016
Case Samuel S. Death MO 1895_0004
Case Samuel S.   Death MO 1895_0006
Case Samuel S. Mary Frances Herring Death MO 1932_0017
Case Samuel S.  Rose Case Mrs. Death MO 1993_0003
Case Theophilus   Death IN 1846_0005
Case Trenton M. "Trent"  Jim Case Death MO 2001_0002
Case Wilbur Ruby Stuck arrested MO 1940_0022
Case William R. Martee P. Case Mrs. Death MO 1981_0006
Case William S Sue DeWitt 50th anniversary MO 1996_0004
Case  Eugene news MO 1928_0010
Case  Marilyn Louise James T. Case photo MO 1929_0009
Case Family reunion Francis C. Case Mary Ann Conley news MO 1994_0010
Case Truck Lines sign news MO 1975_0031
Casebolt Clifford Cora Fowler marriage MO 1906_0007
Castle Jennie Lee Starke Mrs. Walter Edward Castle Death MO 1999_0016
Castle Johanna Imhauser Mrs. Walter J. Castle Death MO 1973_0004
Castle Johanna Imhauser Mrs. Walter J.  Casle Death MO 1973_0012
Castle Walter J. Johanna Immhauser Death MO 1939_0034
Cates Grant Carrie Stewart marriage MO 1932_0039
Catlett Keat infant daughter birth MO 1992_0017
Caton James Ireland Ocie Caton Mrs. Death MO 1940_0010
Cavanaugh Sylvia M. Mrs. Death MO 1971_0019
Cave James Mrs. Esther Potter Death MO 1932_0015
Cawley Nina M. Wagenknecht Richard Cawley Death MO 2000_0022
Cecil Cleo M.  Viola Case Death MO 1982_0023
Cent. Mo Republican Farms not recorded list MO 1921_0001
Cent. MO Republican local news MO 1897_0002
Cent. MO Republican local news column MO 1887_0002
Cent. MO Republican local rews MO 1897_0008
Cent. Mo Republican Otterville Items news MO 1921_0007
Cent. Mo Republican Safety First Songs humor MO 1921_0005
Cent. Mo Republican Speed column news MO 1921_0002
Cent. Mo Republican Speed column news MO 1921_0006
Cent. Mo. Republican Billingsville column news MO 1905_0014
Cent. Mo. Republican Billingsville column news MO 1905_0015
Cent. Mo. Republican Billingsville column news MO 1918_0020
Cent. Mo. Republican Blackwater column news MO 1914_0003
Cent. Mo. Republican Bunceton column news MO 1910_0001
Cent. Mo. Republican column news MO 1909_0010
Cent. Mo. Republican columns news MO 1909_0005
Cent. Mo. Republican Five Years ago news MO 1917_0001
Cent. Mo. Republican Gooch Mill column news MO 1905_0010
Cent. Mo. Republican Gooch Mill column news MO 1905_0013
Cent. Mo. Republican Gooch Mill column news MO 1909_0004
Cent. Mo. Republican Gooch Mill column news MO 1910_0003
Cent. Mo. Republican Gooch Mill column news MO 1910_0005
Cent. Mo. Republican local news news MO 1910_0003
Cent. Mo. Republican local news news MO 1910_0005
Cent. Mo. Republican local news news MO 1914_0001
Cent. Mo. Republican news column news MO 1909_0014
Cent. Mo. Republican Otterville column news MO 1909_0024
Cent. Mo. Republican Otterville column news MO 1910_0005
Cent. Mo. Republican Otterville column news MO 1910_0008
Cent. Mo. Republican Otterville Mail Items news MO 1918_0020
Cent. Mo. Republican Overton column news MO 1910_0013
Cent. Mo. Republican Pilot Grove column news MO 1914_0004
Cent. Mo. Republican Pisgah column news MO 1905_0011
Cent. Mo. Republican Pleasant Grove column news MO 1910_0013
Cent. Mo. Republican Pleasant Grove column news MO 1914_0004
Cent. Mo. Republican Pleasant Hill column news MO 1911_0003
Cent. Mo. Republican Prairie Home column news MO 1909_0011
Cent. Mo. Republican Prairie Lick column news MO 1914_0001
Cent. Mo. Republican Seven Years ago news MO 1917_0001
Cent. Mo. Republican Speed column news MO 1911_0003
Cent. Mo. Republican Speed column news MO 1918_0020
Cent. Mo. Republican Speed column news MO 1919_0010
Cent. Mo. Republican Wooldridge column news MO 1910_0007
Cent. Mo. Republican news MO 1905_0006
Cent. Mo. Republican real estate trans MO 1903_0006
Central Mo. Republican Billingsville column news MO 1905_0008
Central Mo. Republican news MO 1902_0003
Chamberlain George H. Mary Campbell Mrs. Death MO 1940_0032
Chamberlain Will Mrs. Fannie Cohn Mrs. Death MO 1933_0008
Chamberlain Family reunion news MO 1941_0037
Chamberlin Clara  Eichelberger Mrs. George Chamberlin Death MO 1956_0005
Chamberlin John David Rhonda Renee Chamberlin divorce MO 1976_0041
Chamberlin William McPherson Anna B. Roselle Death MO 1942_0007
Chamberlin William Mrs. Orgon C. West Death MO 1933_0012
Chancellor Ida Lee Miss Joseph Chancellor Death MO 1951_0021
Chandler Richard A. Betty Snider Death MO 1980_0021
Charmberlin William Anna B. Roselle 90 years old MO 1941_0020
Chevrolet 1949 model news MO 1939_0031
Childers Mason Lee Linda Oldham Death MO 2001_0009
Childers William E. Ganelle Robb marriage MO 1940_0049
Chiles Oscar T. Edna E. Crawford marriage MO 1905_0012
Chilton Maude Mrs. L. A. Pharris Mrs. Death MO 1958_0029
Chouteau residence fire MO 1930_0005
Chrisman Edgar infant son birth MO 1948_0007
Chrisman John Matilda Hoefer Death MO 1920_0022
Christian Helen Rennison Haskell A. "Bill" Christian Death TX 2003_0017
Circui Court Proceedings Cooper County   MO 1903_0001
Circuit Court  Saline Co. 14 divorces news MO 1940_0020
Civil War history MO 1940_0034
Clark Farrell infant daughter birth MO 1953_0013
Clark Warren Goodhand Carolyn Burch Death MO 1974_0014
Claus Santa accident MO 1929_0032
Clause Velma Lee Crawford  Death MO 1993_0006
Clem Philip twin infant daughters birth MO 1942_0003
Cleveland Dr. W. W. Hattie Franklin marriage MO 1883_0003
Clifford Levina Bush Mrs. William Clifford Death MO 1982_0025
Cline Claiborne Wherley Gladys Lorine Burford Death MO 1995_0005
Cline Gladys Lorine Burford Mrs. Wherley Cline Death MO 1999_0012
Cline Hunter Porter Hazel Mae Donath Death MO 1991_0013
Cline John  Melton Death MO 1959_0020
Clingenpeel Charles N.  Charles A. Clingenpeel Death MO 2002_0010
Clingenpeel John Lutha Byard Mrs. Death MO 1927_0006
Closser Will Mrs. Death MO 1925_0012
Closser William Death MO 1942_0024
Cluxton Claude M. Elizabeth West Death MO 1946_0013
Coates George A. E. Coates Death MO 1936_0006
Cobb Rachel Ann Albin Mrs. Rufus Cobb Death MO 1940_0046
Coch  Ida Reynolds Mrs. Hy A. Coch Death MO 1972_0027
Cochran Tracy Ann Mrs. Death MO 1971_0023
Coe Ewing son of Mrs. Eva Death MO 1896_0002
Cofer Roy Martin Geore Cofer Death MO 1969_0020
Coffman Dorothea Rosia Rentschler Arthur Coffman Death MO 1954_0021
Coffman Raymond Death MO 1979_0026
Colbert Sam  George Bowmer Death MO 1936_0005
Cole Andrew Briscoe Ann Baughman Death MO 1914_0008
Cole Arthur Hob Cole Death MO 1933_0055
Cole Clarence Pauline Palmer marriage MO 1926_0007
Cole Farrie L. Sr. Mattie L. Cole Mrs. Death MO 1975_0027
Cole Farrie L. Sr. Matie Ethel Palmer Death MO 1975_0028
Cole George  Steve Cole Death MO 1942_0010
Cole George Ernest  Ruth Smith Death MO 1977_0027
Cole Hannah Allison William Temple Cole history MO 1969_0023
Cole Holbert Sallie Ann Solomon Death MO 1944_0001
Cole Horace Ewing  Death MO 1979_0015
Cole Irving Port Coffman Death MO 1936_0011
Cole John R. J. Cole Death MO 1935_0011
Cole John C. miss Jones Death MO 1935_0013
Cole Joseph Shelby Mollie D. Ewing Death MO 1924_0008
Cole Mollie Cole Ewing Mrs. Joseph S. Cole Death MO 1942_0016
Cole Mollie Ewing Cole Mrs. Joseph S. Cole Death MO 1942_0017
Cole Parmenas Sallie Read Death MO 1941_0016
Cole W. D. Mrs. William Dow Cole Death MO 1933_0018
Cole William Dow Mrs. Kathryn Reed Death MO 1933_0017
Cole William Henry Sudie Douglas Death MO 1940_0047
Cole  Steve "Uncle" Death MO 1903_0004
Cole  Steve "Uncle" Death MO 1903_0005
Cole reunion Hannah and Stephen news MO 1933_0039
Coleman James E. Death MO 1992_0006
Coleman James E.  Rosie Lee Coleman Mrs. Death MO 1992_0007
Coleman Minnie Hardy Mrs. Hardy Coleman Death MO 1932_0043
Coleman Samuel W. Janie Shively marriage MO 1888_0009
Colin E. L. Death MO 1947_0018
Colin Ed L. Nadine Willlman Death MO 1947_0017
Colin Hazel Marie Easter Birthday party news MO 1919_0006
Colin V. A. T. B. Hafner news MO 1925_0039
Colin V. A.  Edna Mills Death MO 1935_0002
Colin Vic injury MO 1921_0003
Colin Vic Mrs. Melissa Case Death MO 1915_0010
Colin Vic Sr. Eugene Pallion Death MO 1917_0020
Colin Victor G. "Grady" Jane E. Elder Death MO 1982_0017
Colin Victor Mrs. Melissa Case Death WI 1915_0009
Colin  Vic Sr. Miss Case Death MO 1917_0019
Collins Lawrence Burton Death MO 1968_0056
Colliver Myrtle May Wurster John P. Colliver Death MO 1941_0003
Colvin Birger Patrick Kimberly Joy Krause marriage MO 1985_0026
Colvin James Boonesboro MO Death MO 1938_0002
Combs Elijah Jackson G. N. Sherman Death MO 1919_0014
Combs Joseph Death MO 1902_0001
Condict Sallie miss Death MO 1966_0020
Condra Mrs. Rebecca Death   MO 1890_0002
Connor Stephen Agnes O'Keefe marriage MO 1906_0007
Conrad Bertha car accident Death MO 1927_0034
Conrow Johnny Joe  Mary Ann Grissum Death MO 1991_0005
Conway Orval B. Sr. Laura M. Conway Mrs. Death MO 1983_0018
Conway Robert L. James F. Conway Death MO 1940_0023
Cook Alice Mrs. George H. Cook Death MO 1927_0040
Cook Birdie  Mrs.   Death MO 1977_0023
Cook Birdie Aileen Lowrey Mrs. Wesley G. Cook Death MO 1977_0022
Cook Dewey Lee Virginia Maude Long Death MO 1984_0015
Cook Earl Mrs. Harry Decker Death MO 1929_0004
Cook Elwood Irma Steiner marriage MO 1942_0007
Cook G. E. Mrs. D. C. Decker Death MO 1929_0002
Cook George Earl Maggie Decker Death MO 1954_0019
Cook Henry A. Edna Rice Death MO 1972_0033
Cook Ira C.  Homer Cook Death MO 1965_0008
Cook Lida Lourine E. B. Cook Death MO 1926_0027
Cook O. L. Mrs. Lettie Mae Lewis Death MO 1950_0009
Cook Orba Lee George H. Cook Death MO 1942_0012
Cook Virginia Maude Long Mrs. Dewey Lee Cook Death MO 1984_0014
Cook Wesley Green Birdie Lourey Death MO 1947_0029
Cook  Walter Belle Tennel marriage MO 1909_0001
Cooper Alta M. Meryfield Mrs. Arthur F. Cooper Death MO 1982_0021
Cooper Leona Mae Pickett Mrs. Daniel Stonewall Cooper Death MO 1974_0014
Cooper Co. court accounts court MO 1916_0005
Cooper Co. Court accounts settled news MO 1917_0014
Cooper Co. Court accounts settled continuation of 1917_0014 news MO 1917_0015
Cooper Co. MO    circuit court docket court MO 1915_0005
Cooper Co. MO 1915 Events in county news MO 1915_0001
Cooper Co. Rural Schools 124 Graduates news MO 1941_0022
Cooper Co., MO probate court court MO 1915_0006
Cooper County 19 16 Events in county news MO 1916_0001
Cooper County Judges news MO 1930_0015
Cooper County Leader Pilot Grove news MO 1890_0005
Cooper County men to Jefferson Barracks for induction to Army news MO 1942_0007
Cooper County Politics news MO 1930_0021
Cooper County Politics news MO 1930_0022
Cooper County teachers 1899 to 1900 MO 1899_0025
Copas Eliza Hurt Mrs. W. B. Copas Death MO 1932_0034
Cordry Charles W. Mollie Oglesby Death MO 1931_0005
Cordry Clarence Mrs. Linna Leonard Death MO 1903_0008
Cordry Clora J. miss Lycurgus Cordry Death MO 1981_0014
Cordry Ella Mrs. L. M. Cordry Death MO 1935_0028
Cordry L. M. Mrs. Death MO 1935_0026
Cordry L. M. Mrs. Death MO 1935_0027
Cordry Mollie Oglesby Mrs. Charles Walker Cordry Death MO 1933_0044
Cornine Harvey Samuel Samuel Cornine Death MO 1974_0004
Cornines Archie Mrs. Flossie Rutledge Death MO 1932_0034
Cosgrove James W. Elizabeth Williams marriage MO 1905_0009
Cosgrove Mae Reed Mrs. Robert Emmet Cosgrove Death MO 1971_0008
Cott Grace Huff Mrs. Lawrence Cott Death MO 1992_0034
Coulter Carol M Rennison Merle P. Coulter Death IL 2004_0027
Coulter Merle P. Carol Rennison Death IL 2004_0025
Coulter O. H. Mae Satterwhite marriage MO 1906_0007
County tax revenues Cooper Co., MO news MO 1933_0055
Cowgill D. H. Mrs. I. L. Cornwell Death MO 1914_0007
Cowgill Judge Henry Death MO 1895_0002
Cowgill Ruth Agnes Mrs. Delbert H. Cowgill Death MO 1979_0009
Cowin Mary Lee  Roy Eugene Wisdom Death MO 2004_0001
Cox Harold N.  Ellen Cox Mrs Death MO 1989_0018
Cox Oma R. Letha M. Phillips Death MO 1970_0008
Cox Oma R. Death MO 1970_0010
Cramer Charles David  Geraldine McClellan Death MO 2004_0004
Cramer Harold W.  Mary Ann Cunningham Death MO 1990_0012
Cramer Hattie May Mrs. Death MO 1964_0014
Cramer Hattie May Thomas Mrs. Grover Cramer Death MO 1964_0012
Cramer John M.  Maxine Burks Death MO 2003_0006
Cramer John M.  Maxine Burks Death MO 2003_0007
Cramer John Melton coroner  inquest Death MO 1964_0012
Cramer Lucile miss Ray P. Cramer Death MO 1968_0019
Cramer Mrs. Gabe Cramer Death MO 1907_0001
Cramer Nora O. Neal Ambrose Cram Death MO 1967_0006
Cramer Nora Peoples Mrs. Clayton H. Cramer Death MO 1995_0008
Cranfield John L. Kate Ann Lee Death MO 1931_0022
Crary Ada Belle Rennison Orville Sarow Death WI 1998_0032
Crawford Elizabeth Ann Fowler Mrs Jackson Crawford Death MO 1946_0005
Crawford Florence Albin J. H. Albin Death MO 1922_0028
Crawford Florence Albin William Crawford Death MO 1922_0029
Crawford Floyd  V. Mrs. Aurilla Hill Death MO 1932_0009
Crawford Henry Lucille Amick marriage MO 1932_0035
Crawford Jesse A.  Bonnie Mawhiney Death MO 1995_0012
Crawford Manerva Cary Mrs. Quincy Crawford Death MO 1970_0011
Crawford Robert E. Jr. Pvt. R. E. Crawford missing in action MO 1950_0012
Crawford William E. Florence Albin marriage MO 1920_0022
Creger Effie Schulten Mrs. Death MO 1984_0011
Crews Howard E. Mary M. Hurt marriage MO 1927_0018
Crews Raymond Nathan Garrett Crews Death MO 1974_0009
Cripe Fred Maxine Bickel  news IN 1989_0017
Cripe Fred L. Mrs. Wilma F. Cripe Mrs. Death MO 1980_0030
Cripe Frederick  Lewis Sr. Wilma Ganger Death MO 1969_0034
Cripe Frederick L. Maxine E. Bickel Death IN 1990_0013
Critlenden Jane Death MO 1902_0002
Crittenden Beulah Odessa Mrs.   Death MO 1974_0004
Crockett Robert, Rev. Death MO 1900_0001
Crook Robert Henry Death MO 1971_0003
Cropp Harry W. Nannie Morrison Death MO 1968_0008
Cross Harry T. Lillie Hoyes Mrs. marriage MO 1909_0001
Cross Roads School  1910 photograph, identified news MO 1968_0046
Crossing MO river history MO 1924_0015
Crosswhite John Jemima Jane Hurt Death MO 1933_0010
Crosswhite John Mrs. Jamima Jane Hurt Death MO 1927_0010
Crouch Donald E. Death MO 1970_0007
Crouch Horzil A. "Pete" Irene Steele Death MO 1972_0008
Crouch James Mrs. Indiana Miller Death WI 1911_0001
Crouch Matie Irene Steele Mrs. H. A. "Pete" Crouch Death MO 1977_0013
Crow Anna Doutt Mrs. Frank M. Crow Death MO 1993_0005
Crowley John R.  Judy Purdy Death MO 1999_0004
Croy Ella M. McMury Mrs. John O. Croy Death MO 1951_0028
Crutchfield Wilson Mollie Booker Death MO 1923_0021
Culley Emma J. Wyatt Mrs. Ward Culley Death MO 1981_0013
Culley Ira Ward Emma Jane Culley Death MO 1948_0002
Cunningham Mildred Mrs. Death MO 1971_0026
Curl Nona Mason Mrs. Dale Curl Death MO 1974_0006
Curnutt Margaret Forbes Anna Wyatt Mrs. Death MO 1918_0028
Curry J. M. Doris Goldberg marriage MO 1942_0001
Custer Charles Ernest Custer Death MO 1992_0030
Custer Charles   Ernest Custer Death MO 1992_0029
Custer Fred Death MO 1969_0027
Custer Fred   Ollie Ritchie Death MO 1969_0025
Custer Fred M. Ollie Ritchie marriage MO 1905_0007
Custer Fred M. Ollie Ritchie marriage MO 1905_0009
Custer Fred Mrs. Death MO 1960_0008
Custer Fred Mrs. Jacob Ritchie Death MO 1960_0009
Custer Lawrence "White Mountain" Margaret Penrod Death MO 1987_0006
Custer Lawrence "White Mountain" Death MO 1987_0007
Custer Mary Lee Rothgeb Mrs. Death MO 1971_0021
Dalton Ralph Alice Brown marriage MO 1909_0001
Dameron Arthur  Death MO 1977_0020
Danforth Judge I. M. Ella Murray Death MO 1932_0026
Daniel Effie Gladys Spillers Mrs. Jesse B. Daniel Death MO 1984_0019
Daniel Jennie Mrs. Lizzie Greer Mrs. Death MO 1932_0037
Daniel Jennie Mrs. Death MO 1932_0038
Daniel Jesse Boulware         Effie Gladys Spillers Death MO 1968_0007
Daniels Maggie May Huffman Mrs. William H. Daniels Death MO 1959_0014
Daugherty Howard Marie Finley marriage MO 1899_0010
Daugherty Mary T. Mrs. Mary T. Homan Death MO 1936_0012
Davis Dora Mrs. Dora Hurt Death MO 1925_0027
Davis Emma Tavener Mrs. Bruce Davis Death MO 1941_0050
Davis Gervas W. Mary Elizabeth Rucker Death MO 1925_0018
Davis John Lafayette Grace Ann Brown Death MO 1941_0027
Davis Mabell Gallagher  Death MO 1967_0018
Davis Stella Mae Wyatt  Clifford E. Davis Death MO 2001_0025
Dawson Samuel Kenneth Irene Carey marriage MO 1941_0030
Deal John Morgan infant son birth MO 1910_0013
Dearing Sarah Margaret Eldridge Mrs. William Anthony Dearing Death MO 1969_0020
Deaver John W. Mary Cook Death MO 1929_0001
Debo Pearl Miss Death MO 1912_0007
Debo Virginia  Death MO 1983_0014
Debusman Katherine Mrs. Death MO 1923_0003
Deck Herman correction Death MO 1975_0007
Deck Jack R. Carolyn Curtner marriage MO 1941_0017
Decker Jonah L. Death MO 1935_0012
Decker Laurel Jean Ecord Bottoms Lamm Holem Mrs. Lendell L. Decker Jr. Death MO 2001_0019
Decker Lendell Lee Hazel Irene Sparks Death MO 1989_0009
Decker Roy E. Frances Nicholas Decker Death IL 1991_0019
Dedrick Deane C. McNay Mrs. Ralph E. Dedrick Death MO 1982_0021
Deeginger Martin George Deeginger Death KS 1903_0011
Deere Huston infant daughter birth MO 1942_0003
DeHaven Anna Wagenknecht Mrs. Ira Franklin DeHaven Death MO 1978_0020
DeHaven Birdie Smith Wagenknecht Mrs.  George A. DeHaven Death MO 1968_0013
DeHaven Ira Franklin Anna E. Wagenknecht Death MO 1959_0026
DeLozier Joe Edward Death MO 1966_0020
Demand George H. Death MO 1901_0011
Demand Hazel C. Morrison Mrs. Orville R. Demand Death MO 1986_0006
Demand Loie May Schlusing Mrs. Raymond R. Demand Death MO 1980_0025
Demand Raymond Rueben Lottie Schlusing Death MO 1977_0012
Demand Vernon G. Henry Demand Death MO 1977_0014
Derendinger Edward Death MO 1912_0007
Derendinger John Fritz Augusta Haxel Death MO 1974_0026
Deuber Laura Miss Mary Deuer Mrs. Death MO 1927_0007
Deuschle J. E. Edna Ruth Arni Death MO 1980_0031
Deuschle  Edna Ruth Arni Mrs. J. E. Deuschle Death MO 2000_0016
DeWitt Benjamin F. Delia Fay Ross Death MO 1949_0014
DeWitt Lee Miles Benjamin F. DeWitt Death MO 1963_0006
DeWitt Leslie James Maude Hanlin Death MO 1957_0019
DeWitt Margaret  Wilson Mrs. Joseph A. DeWitt Rev. Death MO 1945_0004
DeWitt Newton U. Death MO 1954_0006
Dexheimer Hazel Inez Gorrell Mrs. Harry M. Dexheimer Death MO 1978_0015
Dey Donald L.  James Clifford Dey Death MO 1993_0012
Dhone Martha Myrtle Scrimager Mrs. Ralph Dhone Death MO 1996_0017
Dick Raymond Charles Erma Louise Moser Jennison Death MO 2002_0003
Dickerson James Mrs. Fannie Dickerson Death MO 1920_0011
Dickey A. G.  William N. Dickey Death MO 1975_0003
Dickson Katiebell Hunter Mrs. Oliver Arthur Dickson Death MO 1984_0001
Dieckman Emma Meta  Death MO 1972_0033
Diefendorf Eugene infant daughter birth MO 1935_0030
Diesing Bertha Louise Death MO 1918_0028
Dietrich Harry Emil Death MO 1977_0004
Digges C. W. Frances Clay Cook marriage  MO 1915_0012
Dillard Joseph Cox Lois M. Potter Death MO 1978_0001
Dillon Charles   Death MO 1981_0020
Dilse Alma Lee Smith Mrs. Lewis George Dilse Sr. Death MO 1985_0020
Dilthey Elizabeth Mrs. Death MO 1958_0022
Dilthey J. F. Mrs. Death MO 1934_0010
Diltz Carl Mrs. Leonard Barr Death MO 1980_0009
Dinsmore Joseph G. "Joe" Ruth Dinsmore Mrs. Death MO 1969_0011
Dishion Curtis  Mrs. Mabel Anita Haley Death MO 1970_0023
Dishion Warren Curtis Mabel Haley Death MO 1979_0002
Distribution of foods Federal relief news MO 1933_0055
Ditzfeld Leonard Fred Clati Merk Death MO 1981_0018
Dix Gary A. major Cynthia Sahle Death MO 1984_0001
Dix Lester         Nannie Dix Mrs. Death MO 1935_0010
Dix Mamie King Mrs. Tandy N. Dix Death MO 1982_0020
Dix Robert Thomas Lidie Mae Ritchey Death MO 1966_0012
Dix T. N. Mamie Tucker Dix Mrs. Death MO 1969_0003
Dix Tandy Artie Morton Death MO 1930_0008
Dix Thomas Death   MO 1890_0002
Doak Forest T. Janie M. Holman marriage MO 1909_0001
Dockins Delano G.  Elsie Borts  Death MO 1994_0008
Dodd Adoniram Judson Mary J. Gilbreath Death MO 1924_0017
Dodge 8 Marathon news MO 1930_0016
Don Carlos H. E. Mrs. Pina S. Don Carlos Mrs. Death MO 1976_0013
Donahue Cornelius A. Mabel S. Maddex Death MO 1925_0022
DonCarlos Iva Dawson Stephens Mrs. Thomas DonCarlos Death MO 1994_0014
Donnelly Edward J. Mary Ellen Donahoe marriage  MO 1913_0013
Dority Cheryl Ann Nolting Mrs. Dennis R. Dority Death MO 1990_0011
Doubt Sarah Mrs. Dan Finne Mrs. Death KS 1921_0010
Dougan Zachary Finus Brenda Lee Lewis marriage MO 1976_0007
Dougan Zachary Finus  Brenda Lee Lewis marriage MO 1976_0024
Dougan Zachary Finus Lance corporal Brenda Lee Lewis marriage MO 1976_0017
Dougherty Dayle L. Reed Mrs. Jasper C. Dougherty Death MO 1992_0010
Dougherty Mollie  Williams Mrs. William H. Douherty Death MO 1974_0004
Douglas Edwin Bowie Anna E. White Death MO 1942_0008
Douglas Otha Rennison Mrs. Otha Douglas Death OK 1940_0006
Douglas Otha W.  Doris Death OK 1981_0029
Doumas John Betty J. Schoen Death MO 2002_0001
Dout A. S. Death KS 1903_0011
Douth Mr. H. D. Case Death MO 1943_0015
Doutt Alma Case Mrs. Thomas W. Doutt Death MO 1996_0009
Doutt John R. Jr. John R. Doutt Sr. Death MO 1980_0022
Doutt John Richard  Emily R. Doutt Mrs. Death MO 2003_0008
Doutt Josephine Betty Mrs. Thomas Doutt Death MO 1931_0017
Doutt Mable Case Mrs. Marvin Doutt Death MO 1964_0021
Doutt Marjorie Samuel B. Doutt Death MO 1941_0039
Doutt Marvin infant daughter birth MO 1935_0034
Doutt Marvin Mabel Bane Case marriage MO 1933_0011
Doutt Marvin  infant daughter birth MO 1936_0002
Doutt Marvin  Mrs. H. D. Case Death MO 1964_0011
Doutt Marvin Wesley Mary Close Death MO 1980_0027
Doutt Mary Pearl Mrs. Marvin W. Doutt Death MO 2000_0013
Doutt Robert J.  Eula Reichart Death MO 1993_0007
Doutt Sarah Mrs. Death KS 1921_0011
Doutt Thomas Mrs. Josephine Lewis Death MO 1931_0018
Doutt Thomas W. Alma Case Death MO 1974_0006
Doutt Thomas W. Josephine Lewis marriage MO 1923_0027
Doutt's Lake sports news MO 1968_0023
Doutt's Lake sports news MO 1968_0024
Dowell Doris Lea Braden Death MO 1990_0006
Downs Eliza Ellen Mrs. Eliza Ellen Steele Death MO 1927_0036
Doyle Alpha infant daughter birth MO 1933_0037
Doyle Esther Jewell Woolledge Mrs. Walker F. Doyle Death MO 1989_0007
Doyle James F. Death MO 1983_0024
Doyle Michael Ray Phyllis Jean Simpson marriage MO 1973_0017
Drake Ernest W. Nora Pearson Death MO 1947_0029
Drane Mrs. Sarah Death MO 1891_0005
Draughn Susie Mrs. Eugene Cunningham Death MO 1958_0029
Drennen Austin L. Rosie Bell Death MO 1939_0014
Drennen Claude H. Lydia Stock marriage MO 1927_0017
Drennen family reunion E. E. Drennen Mrs. annual reunion MO 1922_0016
Drennen Family reunion J. E. Drennen   news MO 1940_0028
Drennen H. L. birthday   Death MO 1939_0020
Drennen H. L.  old papers news MO 1930_0014
Drennen James E. George Washington Drennen Death MO 1962_0005
Drennen James E. Margaret Runkle Death MO 1962_0006
Drennen James E. Margaret Runkle marriage MO 1925_0004
Drennen James E. Margaret J. Runkle marriage MO 1925_0008
Drennen R. E. Mrs. Aaron Dugan Mrs. operated on MO 1931_0013
Drennen Russell E.  Death MO 1984_0018
Dryer Jeremiah Smith Bertha May Parker Death MO 1947_0010
Duermeyer Harry infant son birth MO 1940_0031
Duermeyer Lena miss Elias Duermeyer Death MO 1972_0036
Dulaney William G. Death MO 1846_0003
Dumolt Joseph Mollie Rennison marriage  MO 1916_0006
Duncan A. C. Mrs. Nora Goodman Death MO 1933_0048
Duncan A. C. Mrs. T. W. Goodman Death MO 1933_0049
Duncan Merry Berry Mrs. Cullen S. Duncan senator Death MO 1976_0027
Duncan Robert D. smallpox Death MO 1939_0005
Dunn Frances Hein Mrs. Frank Dunn Death MO 1993_0015
Durrett J. R. Dr. John R. Durrett Death MO 1933_0021
Duval Clara D. Schupp Mrs. Ernest  A. Duval Death MO 1970_0008
Duvall B. R. Mrs. William Shepard Mrs. Death MO 1945_0010
Dykeman Gordon E.   George S. Dykeman Death MO 2003_0006
Eagle Scouts 1972 Webster Groves MO photograph news MO 1972_0035
Earhart Josephine Hurt Mrs. Thomas Benton Haley Death MO 1945_0010
Earickson Rose Smith Mrs. Herbert Cason Earickson Death MO 1978_0006
Easley Grover Wendell Eunice Merriman Death MO 1983_0018
Eastwood John Vance Clara LaVon McFarlane Death MO 1996_0008
Eatherton Phoebe L. Odom Mrs. Orval F. Eatherton Death MO 2003_0009
Eckerle Flora F. Larm Mrs. Frank J. Eckerle Death MO 1981_0028
Eddy Eunice dau of George Eddy Death MO 1897_0001
Edwards Arthur B.  Melba Cave Death MO 1985_0028
Edwards Bernolia Mae Burford Mrs. Walter B. Edwards Death MO 1985_0014
Edwards Blanche I. Mrs. Ellis Edwards Death MO 1992_0015
Edwards Clarence E.  Florine Estelle Wareha Death MO 1979_0005
Edwards Fred H.  Ella Edwards Mrs. Death MO 1969_0032
Edwards Maxwell infant son birth MO 1930_0008
Edwards Randy L.   Susan Black Death MO 1992_0042
Edwards Raymond Riley "Ray" Erma Edwards Mrs. Death MO 1976_0009
Edwards Riley twins, a boy and a girl birth MO 1915_0004
Edwards Riley Garnett Carol Jean Potter Death MO 2000_0020
Edwards Sue Frances Homan Mrs. Riley James Edwards Death MO 1959_0020
Edwards Walter Benton Bernolia Burford Death MO 1959_0009
Ehle Mary T.  Mrs. J. C. Thompson Death MO 1919_0022
Ehlers Anna Augusta Pritzel Henry Cord Ehlers Death MO 1958_0030
Ehrhard Mary Frances Haley Mrs. Herman Ehrhard Jr. Death MO 2000_0027
Eichelberger James infant son birth MO 1948_0007
Eichelberger Roger Laura Schlotzhauer Death MO 1983_0001
Eisberg Clarence J. W. Irene Elizabeth Klaus Death MO 1999_0025
Eisel Wesley Lee Billy Eisel Death MO 1962_0015
Eisel Wesley Lee  Billy Eisel Death MO 1962_0017
Elders Grace  J. W. Elders Dr. Death MO 1943_0010
Election school district news MO 1913_0007
Election results local news MO 1930_0033
Election results local news MO 1930_0034
Election results local         news MO 1930_0032
Elings Calvin Lee Death MO 1977_0023
Eliot Warren Bety Wilson Death MO 1983_0016
Elliott Joe Mrs. Ida May Lane Death MO 1926_0008
Elliott John Sidney Elliott Mrs. Death MO 1951_0009
Elliott Nellie F. Smith Brown Mrs. William H. Elliott Death MO 1977_0010
Elliott Susan Hughes Mrs. Andrew Alexander Death MO 1943_0008
Elliott Thomas Mrs. Lou Speel Death MO 1927_0008
Ellis Lance E. Elsie Baker Death MO 1971_0018
Ellis  Mati E. Mrs. Death MO 1977_0010
Elly Jim E. Death MO 1982_0025
Elston A. D. Dr. Death MO 1904_0005
Elston Don A. Death MO 1983_0006
Elston Don A. Isabelle Shanks Death MO 1983_0007
Elston Dr. Death MO 1908_0006
Elston Elias Death MO 1888_0002
Elston George Dr. Alice Elston Death MO 1956_0001
Elston George Judge Death MO 1924_0003
Elston Helen M. Moore Mrs. George Elston Death MO 1955_0003
Elston James A. Dr.  illness MO 1908_0005
Embrey Albert infant daughter birth MO 1933_0018
Embry Pearl Doris Doran Mrs. Elbert A. Embry Death MO 1977_0035
Engel Jason Price Cassandra Lynn Marriott Death MO 2002_0003
Engle William R. Sarah Scott Death MO 1975_0006
Engle Zelma L. Mrs. William R. Engle Death MO 2005_0017
Enlist in Navy Saline Co., MO photograph MO 1958_0012
Erhardt Charles W. Lucy Roth Death MO 1943_0011
Erhart Robert Allen Allison Erhart Death MO 1978_0017
Erickson Elizabeth Catron Mrs. Earl E. Erickson Death MO 1940_0013
Estes Bertha C. Pursley Mrs. Lester Estes Death MO 1983_0017
Estes Bill  Evrett Vuilcot Mrs. Death MO 1963_0020
Estes Ernestine Mabel Potter Mrs. Everett Estes Death MO 1996_0022
Estes Errett L. Ernestine Potter Death MO 1998_0015
Estes Everett L. Ernestine Potter Death MO 1996_0022
Estill Absalon Leona Duren Death MO 1975_0007
Estill Clifton Rodes Death MO 1962_0003
Evangelical Church memorial service news MO 1950_0012
Evans E. H. Fred Harris Death MO 1915_0016
Evans Edgar    name confusion news MO 1925_0026
Evans Eugenia Addison "Everett" miss C. A. Evans Death MO 1985_0009
Evans Jennie McNeil Mrs. Kathleen Philips Death MO 1932_0037
Evans Jennie McNeil Mrs. W. R. Evans Death MO 1932_0038
Evans Riley O. Peter Fine murder trial MO 1894_0006
Evans W. R. Jennie McNeil marriage MO 1899_0004
Evans William R. Jennie McNeil Death MO 1924_0007
Everett Helen N. Scheerer Mrs. Edward Eberle Death MO 1992_0008
Everly Joe J.  Jim Everly Death MO 1970_0007
Fairfax H. L. Jr. Jackie Fairfax Mrs. Death MO 1990_0010
Fairfax Leslie P. Mary Edna Hupp marriage MO 1905_0009
Fallwell William  train accident Death MO 1936_0025
Farley James E. Martha D. Buchanan Death MO 1978_0002
Farris James Boyd Sonya Kay Burton marriage MO 1967_0005
Farris James W.  Mary Elizabeth Farris Mrs. Death MO 1992_0039
Farris James W. Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Hurt Death MO 1981_0011
Farris James Wooldridge Mary Hurt Death MO 1979_0015
Farris John L. James Farris Death MO 1932_0021
Faulhauber   Magdalina Mrs. F. A. Stolsemberger Death MO 1883_0003
Faulwell Bloom R. Genevieve Bond Death MO 1989_0002
Faulwell Clara L. Hatfield Mrs. Willie Faulwell Death MO 1993_0011
Faulwell H. Milton Pearl Culbertson Death MO 1998_0024
Favorite Ed Mrs. Carrie Maun Death MO 1923_0012
Felten Joel Pilot Grove essay contest news MO 1976_0004
Felton Albert Bernadine Gerke Death MO 1972_0037
Felton Norma Jean Death MO 1976_0034
Fenton Ernest L.  Emmitte L. Fenton Death MO 2001_0030
Ferguson Gladys L.  Hutchison Mrs. Darroll "Ed" Ferguson Death MO 2002_0012
Ferguson Joseph Mrs. Death MO 1976_0023
Ferguson Sam W. Cleo Christian Death MO 1978_0018
Feruson Granville Geraldine Snider marriage MO 1958_0027
Fewell Hazel Crane Mrs. Gorman "Speck" Fewell Death MO 1982_0027
Ficken Edward Amos Allene Mahin Death MO 1978_0014
Fiedler Mary E. Roberts Otis Fiedler Death MO 2007_0001
Fields Joseph A.   Harry Fields Death MO 1975_0014
Figgins James R. Janie R. Verts Death MO 1930_0002
Finch Pauline Mines Mrs. Mitchell O. Finch Death MO 1971_0013
Findley Lula Mary Leibli Mrs. David C. Findley Death MO 1986_0002
Finger prints MO 1906_0015
Finley Adelaide E. Cauby Mrs. Hubert Lee Finley Death MO 1985_0013
Finley Albert F. "Abe" Isabell Cramer Death MO 1986_0008
Finley Albert H. Mrs. Flaura Bell Grayum  Death MO 1974_0013
Finley B. C. tin wedd. Anniversary party MO 1895_0001
Finley Charles B. Ella F. Kline Death MO 1974_J0001
Finley Chas. D. Mrs. Leo Morris Mrs. Death MO 1929_0007
Finley Daniel Gates Mary L. Estes Death MO 1928_0003
Finley Doris Brubaker Mrs. Joe Brubaker Death MO 1986_0023
Finley Elsa H. Green Mrs. C. R. Finley Death MO 1985_0002
Finley Evelyn Chancellor Mrs. Zeno Finley Death MO 1982_0007
Finley George W. W. S. Parsons Mrs. Death MO 1933_0024
Finley H. W.  Nellie Narron Death MO 1976_0042
Finley H. W.  Death MO 1976_0042
Finley Hubert Lee Adelaide Cauby Death MO 1975_0013
Finley James L. Thomas Nichols Death MO 1953_0010
Finley James Lee    Anna M. Cordes Death MO 1953_0009
Finley James Lee Mrs. Anna Margeretha Cordes Death MO 1953_0002
Finley James M. Death MO 1887_0003
Finley James W. Thermutius Dinwiddie Death MO 1931_0027
Finley John Death MO 1886_0002
Finley John Death MO 1886_0005
Finley John Ruby Simpson marriage MO 1929_0023
Finley John E.  Louise Cordes Death MO 1953_0011
Finley John E.  Louise Cordes Death MO 1953_0012
Finley Lou Carter John E. Finley Death MO 1929_0011
Finley Lula May Culp Mrs. Vernon Aubry Finley Death MO 1993_0001
Finley Mary C. Weight Mrs. John Finley Death MO 1933_0022
Finley Mary E. McCurdy Mrs. Ira L. Finley Death MO 1992_0032
Finley Ray W. Weight Finley Death MO 1980_0021
Finley Susie Mrs. Death MO 1971_0024
Finley Thomas Mrs. Drucille Hittd Death MO 1979_0006
Finley Thomas O. Clubb Mrs. Death MO 1971_0025
Finley Vernon Lulu Culp Death MO 1972_0026
Finley Virginia Ann A. L. McNeil Mrs. Death MO 1926_0023
Finley Virginia Ann A. L. McNeil Mrs. Death MO 1926_0024
Finley Zeno Juanita Flowers Mrs. Death MO 1972_0030
Finley  Virginia Ann J. M. Finley Death MO 1926_0026
Finley  Virginia Ann A. L. McNeil Death MO 1926_0027
Finnell Robert Lee Austin Finnell Death MO 2002_0019
Finnie Daniel  Death KS 1922_0001
Finnie Daniel  Death KS 1922_0002
Fischer George H. Sr. Mrs. Lois Mildred Case Death MO 1964_0003
Fischer Pauline Barbara Krueger Mrs. Albert J. Fischer Death MO 1971_0001
Fisher Mrs. James Death MO 1889_0005
Fisher Theodore R. May Lachner marriage MO 1905_0012
Fisher Tobe's daughter Death MO 1888_0009
Fisher Virgil Davis  Alvin Fisher Death MO 1989_0018
Fitzgerald Lillian M. Mrs. Death MO 1983_0018
Fizer Charles Glen Fizer Death MO 1977_0002
Fletcher Sterlin R.   Death MO 1979_0022
Floyd Ernest M. Ruth Smith Death MO 1958_0034
Floyd Ruth Ellen Smith Mrs. Ernest M. Floyd Death MO 1991_0007
Floyd Ruth Ellen Smith Mrs. Ernest M. Floyd Death MO 1991_0008
Floyd Vern P. Ora M. Brinkoetter Death MO 1997_0003
Foose Cecil O.  Ada McKee Death MO 1968_0016
Forck Clara Lydia Dircks  Mrs. Vincent J. Forck Death MO 1992_0008
Ford Carl George Flora McFarland Death MO 1974_0009
Foster Ruth A. Cook Marion Foster Jr. Death MO 2001_0026
Fowler Dora Alberts Mrs. Roy Fowler Death MO 1968_0016
Fowler Jay infant son birth MO 1990_0006
Fowler William R. Death MO 1902_0001
Francis Pearl Rennison Mrs. Clyde Frances Death MO 1993_0008
Franken Kate Anthony Smith Death MO 1922_0005
Franklin Mattie Smith Mrs. J. S. Franklin Death MO 1933_0043
Frederick George M. Mrs. Ethel Marie Smith Death MO 1967_0016
Fredrich David L.  Robert E. Fredrich Death MO 2001_0024
Fredrickson Dora                Death MO 1968_0006
Fredrickson Dora E. Hercher Mrs. William Fredrickson Death MO 1968_0005
Fredrickson William P. Dora Herscher Death MO 1966_0010
Freeman Lennie M. Mrs. Death MO 1977_0021
Freeman Lennie M. Wyatt Mrs. Harrison Freeman Death MO 1977_0019
Freeman Lennie M. Wyatt Mrs. Harrison Freeman Death MO 1977_0020
Freeman Mary Letitia Stone Mrs. William Robert Freeman Death MO 1951_0007
Freeman Mildred S. Mrs. Frank L. Freeman Death MO 2001_0027
Frein Wm. J. Alice H. Powers marriage MO 1932_0039
French Alma Elizaeth  Death MO 1987_0005
French Alvin infant son birth MO 1957_0001
Fricke Martha miss Death MO 1966_0029
Friedrich Helen Heisler Mrs. Ewing Joseph Friedrich Death MO 1986_0021
Fritts William A. Death KS 1922_0001
Fry Clark Arthur Death MO 2000_0015
Fry Clark Arthur Edna Tuttle marriage MO 1932_0021
Fry Maxine Margaret Wear Jenkins Mrs. C. H. Jenkins Death MO 2000_0024
Fuehring Edwin Edna Bushman Death MO 1985_0019
Fuemmeler Dean  infant son birth MO 1984_0012
Fullrich W. A.  infant daughter birth MO 1941_0021
Gabbert Charles Edward Death MO 1958_0029
Gaede Charles Albert Etta Adkisson Death MO 1967_0018
Gaines William F. Death MO 1920_0012
Galloway Fred   Death MO 1972_0007
Galloway Ona Irene Palmer William Jesse Palmer Death MO 2003_0001
Gamber Virginia Ruth Hurt Mrs. Alvin W. Gamber Death MO 1974_0015
Ganger Alonzo "Lon" E. Nellie Osborne Death IN 1962_0007
Ganger Nellie J. Osborn Mrs. Alonzo Ganger Death IN 1940_0025
Gantner Anna L. Meredith Mrs. William Meredith Death MO 1984_0030
Gantner Frank I. Mrs. Mary Katherine Smith Death MO 1932_0030
Garber Norman Randy Debra Kay Smith Death MO 1995_0001
Gardner Edna Mae Odneal Mrs. Winifred Gardner Death MO 2004_0012
Garret Frank Ellen Haley  marriage MO 1932_0016
Garret Frank  M. Ellen Haley  marriage MO 1932_0015
Garrett Andrew Jackson Death MO 1929_0015
Garrett Charles "Buck" Jean Callahan Death MO 1981_0020
Garrett Charles "Buck" Death MO 1981_0022
Garrett Ellen Seat Haley Mrs. William Haley Death MO 1947_0020
Garrett Frank Marion Ellen Haley  Death MO 1938_0003
Garrett Fred C. Ora Kurtz Death MO 1951_0009
Garrett Marion F. Lydia Narron marriage MO 1923_0021
Garrett Marion Mrs. Fannie Narron Death MO 1920_0011
Garrett Mrs. Frank Death MO 1886_0007
Garrett Orville E. Corrine Garrett Mrs. Death MO 1972_0033
Garrison George M. Mrs. John Bledsoe Death MO 1942_0033
Gaston Luther Death MO 1888_0009
Gates D. Wheldon Mrs. Irene Mable Maddex Death KS 1972_0039
Gates Wheldon Irene Maddex marriage MO 1931_0015
Gatschet Ida H. Hahn Dr. Albert Gatschet Death MO 1981_0018
Gauldin Levina Mrs. Benjamin Gauldin Death MO 1929_0022
Gauldin Martin A. Death MO  1898_0005
Gauldin R. B. Joe Cobb Mrs. Death MO 1928_0009
Gearing L. L. Death MO 1972_0007
Geiger Godfrey Mary Haldiman Death MO 1934_0008
Geiger John A. Gussie Smith Death MO 1955_0004
Geiger Mary Ann Haldiman Mrs. Godfrey J. Geiger Death MO 1948_0010
Geiger Oliver George Geiger Death MO 1947_0004
Geiger Robert F. Sara N. Nelson Death MO 2002_0002
Gentry J. M. Capt. Death MO 1902_0001
George Charles L. Florence Knaus marriage MO 1877_0001
George Margaret Mrs. Death MO 1912_0007
George Mary Ellen Tuttle Mrs. Jesse George Death MO 1966_0007
George Mildred East Mrs. Maynard George Death MO 1992_0004
George N. A. injured MO 1926_0007
George Wallace N. Sr. Lucille Ridge Death MO 1999_0004
George William R. Mrs. Miss Gilbreath Death MO 1904_0003
Gerding Bertha O. Stock Mrs. John Gerding Jr. Death MO 2003_0007
Gerhardt Agnes Lucille Betteridge Mrs. John W. Gerhardt Death MO 1988_0015
Gerhardt Herman Isa Ball marriage MO 1926_0020
Gerhardt William Herman Herman E. Gerhardt Death MO 1974_0021
Gerke Barbara Pilot Grove essay contest news MO 1976_0004
Gerke Brenda Pilot Grove essay contest news MO 1976_0004
Gerke Roger Sherry M. Walter Death MO 1997_0010
Gerken Theodore C. Death MO 1976_0009
Gerling Sandy Pilot Grove essay contest news MO 1976_0004
Germ Philip J. Dorothy Weaver marriage MO 1932_0039
Gibbons John W. Raymond "Georgia" Kurtz Mrs. Death MO 1969_0032
Gibson Andrew  Mahaley Williams marriage MO 1927_0018
Gibson George infant daughter birth MO 1929_0006
Gibson W. B. infant daughter birth MO 1939_0033
Gidney math discovery MO 1877_0002
Gilbraith T. C. Death MO 1909_0006
Gilbreath J.  Newton W. G. Gilbreath Death MO 1931_0030
Gilbreath Mrs  M. J. Dodd Death MO 1891_0002
Gilbreath Mrs. Mary Death MO 1891_0003
Gilbreath W. M. Mrs. MarthaElizabeth Chambers Death MO 1918_0007
Gilkeson Arch L. Mrs. Lois Fulkerson Death MO 1968_0001
Gillespie Bernard Mary Wilson marriage MO 1926_0007
Gilliland Frances Mrs. Death MO 1978_0008
Gilman John Jr. Henrietta Smith marriage MO 1942_0019
Gilmore Mae Evelyn Opal Gilmore Death MO 1990_0006
Gilmore P. A.  infant daughter birth MO 1941_0021
Glad Lois Gayle Clark  Mrs. Eugene Clark Death MO 2001_0027
Glasscock Charles B. R. S. Glasscock Death MO 1968_0054
Glasscock Charles L. Hattie Barnett marriage MO 1886_0012
Glasscock J. M. called Judge Death MO 1899_0007
Glasscock Ralph  Death MO 1977_0001
Glaubitz Larry infant daughter birth MO 1987_0006
Glen Ellis Aurdrey Lotspeich Death MO 1984_0008
Glenn Audrey L. Lotspeich Mrs. Ellis Glenn Death MO 1997_0003
Glenn Bertha L. Bishop Mrs. Thomas C. Glen Death MO 1974_0020
Gochenour Arthur Lee Ethel Steele Death MO 1952_0006
Gochenour Emogene Burnett Mrs. James Oliver Gochenour Death MO 1987_0010
Gochenour Flora Ethel Mrs. H. M. Hotsenpiller Mrs. Death MO 1951_0031
Gochenour James Oliver Emogene Burnett Death MO 1973_0011
Gochenour James Oliver Emogene Burnett Death MO 1973_0012
Gochenour Oscar Lee Esther Pauline Bishop Death MO 1966_0001
Gochenour Oscar Lee  Barbara Walje Death MO 1992_0010
Goldammer Lorine B.  Death MO 1991_0010
Gonzalez Nancy R. Mosier Mrs. Joe Gonzalez Death MO 2006_0015
Goode Neil Z. Myrtle Cordry Death MO 1958_0033
Goodheart Richard  Rose Blyveis Death MO 1986_0002
Goodheart Richard Goodheart Death MO 1986_0003
Goodwin Kenneth A. Carol Boucher Death MO 1988_0013
Gorrell Ida Mrs. Ben Gorrell Death MO 1908_0003
Gorrell Ida Mrs. Ben Gorrell Death MO 1908_0004
Gorrell Inez Glasscock Mrs. William Taylor Gorrell Death MO 1921_0008
Gorrell William T. Death MO 1899_0016
Gover Frank D. John Gover Death MO 1931_0001
Gowan Ruth Grace Meusner Mrs. James Robert Gowan Death MO 1999_0010
Goyer Etcyl S.  Helen Ottjes Death MO 1971_0019
Grady Aaron Mrs. William Rennison Death MO 1978_0015
Grady Gertrude Branstetter Mrs. Reed Branstetter Death MO 1978_0016
Graff Ottomer William Death MO 1984_0020
Graham Robert F. Death MO 1969_0016
Grapes Evelyn Huber Mrs. Eugene T. Grapes Death MO 2002_0011
Grathwohl Vera Elizabeth Death MO 2001_0017
Graves Cordry Martha Schupp Death MO 1976_0003
Graves E. L. Mrs. Millie Cordry Death MO 1938_0005
Graves E. L. Mrs. Death MO 1938_0006
Graves Edward Leslie Ernest Anderson Death MO 1947_0016
Gray Charles J. Death MO 1927_0001
Gray Gaylen Dean the rev. Nancy Kay Gray Mrs. Death MO 1996_0017
Gray Viola Holman Mrs. Earl Holman Death MO 1968_0055
Grebble Melvin P. Lorna M. Hughes marriage IL 1924_0016
Green Cora Blanche Mrs. Death MO 1971_0008
Green Grace Lee Crain Mrs. Loyd F. Green Death MO 1985_0019
Green Ivan infant daughter birth MO 1952_0005
Green Marjorie L. Death MO 1984_0001
Green V. L. infant son birth MO 1940_0019
Greer Harry F. Elsie Kunkler marriage  MO 1918_0019
Gregory Frank Death MO 1942_0024
Gregory James Iris Yarnell marriage MO 1941_0029
Griesach Don infant son birth MO 1980_0013
Griesbach Minnie Ann Grissum Mrs. Norman J. Griesbach Death MO 1986_0012
Griesbach Norman J. Minnie Ann Grissum Death MO 1982_0001
Griesbach Norman J.  Death MO 1982_0002
Griesbach Sarah Ann Houk Mrs. Henry C. Griesbach Death MO 1950_0012
Grieves Marjorie Hutchison Mrs. Lester Grieves Death MO 1975_0017
Grissum Bernice K. Gramlich Mrs. Robert Grissum Death MO 2009_0011
Grissum Earl Andrew Elsie Thoroughmann  Death MO 1983_0024
Grissum Elwood S. Henry Grissum Death MO 1970_0004
Grissum Henry Death MO 1954_0010
Grissum Henry Death MO 1954_0011
Grissum Henry Mrs. John Rentschler Death MO 1952_0001
Grissum Henry Mrs. Death MO 1952_0002
Grissum J. T.  Will Montgomery accident MO 1922_0023
Grissum John infant son birth MO 1924_0014
Grissum John Scottie Grissum news MO 1957_0013
Grissum John Sr. Henry Grissum Death MO 1966_0031
Grissum John Sr. Death MO 1966_0032
Grissum Lori Marie Roberts Mrs. Robert Grissum Death MO 2004_0012
Grissum Matthew Polly Ann Rennison Death MO 1917_0012
Grissum Matthew Mrs. Death MO 1918_0012
Grissum Nora E. Mystery Baby photograph news MO 1975_0005
Grissum Nora Elizabeth miss Henry Grissum Death MO 1982_0015
Grissum Rhuea Opal Placial Mrs. Roy Grissum Death MO 1993_0004
Grissum Robert D.  Bernice K. Gramlich Death MO 2004_0017
Grissum Robert Jeff Lori Roberts Death MO 2004_0010
Grissum Roy Crawford  Rhuea Opal Placial Death MO 1980_0013
Grissum  Family reunion James T. Grissum news MO 1936_0014
Grocer's quartete Boonville MO news MO 1925_0040
Grone Louise Peck Short Mrs. Robert D. Grone Death MO 1988_0017
Grooms M. L. Mrs. Death MO 1902_0006
Grooms William Emberson Ina Crane Death MO 1946_0014
Groot Ellen Gertrude Rose Mrs. Kenneth Dale Groot Death MO 1990_0019
Groot Kenneth Dale Ellen Gertrue Rose Death MO 2008_0006
Gropp Alfred L. Alice B. Doutt Death MO 1992_0012
Gross George Josie Potts Death MO 1923_0022
Gross  Jacob Elizabeth Beringer Death MO 1933_0035
Grossenbacher Robert Ellis accident Death MO 1933_0052
Grossglauser Adolph Eliza Haldiman Death MO 1933_0016
Grossman Kathryn H. Mrs. Hollis M. Grossman Death MO 1996_0008
Grover Eleanor D.  Frank J. Grover Death MO 1989_0018
Groves Terry Owen Stella Renno Death MO 2001_0005
Gunn James Henry Frances Nowin Gunn Mrs. Death MO 1964_0005
Gustin Harold  Elizabeth Colin marriage MO 1927_0008
Gustin Harold O. Cooper County Creamery news MO 1933_0050
Gustin Harold O.  Elizabeth Colin Death MO 1972_0024
Gwinn Susan  Eudora Mrs. Richard P. Gwinn Death MO 1949_0003
Gwinn Walter E. Mrs. Allyne Gwinn Mrs. Death MO 1993_0006
Haake Dorris Muntzel Mrs. Death MO 1977_0004
Hackman Chas. infant son birth MO 1927_0018
Hackney Thomas Clara Hackney Mrs. Death MO 1946_0016
Haesemeyer Lorenz Merle Death MO 1980_0031
Hafner A. F. V. A. Colin Mrs. ill MO 1922_0022
Hagan Dorsey W.  James W. Hagan Dr. Death MO 1968_0034
Hagemeier Fred Lizzie Loesing Death MO 1930_0001
Haldiman Jessie M. Cofer Mrs. James Holdiman Death MO 1992_0005
Hale   Theodore F.  Thelma Meadows Bradford Death MO 2001_0020
Haley Basil Hurt  Ferne Watson  Death MO 1963_0021
Haley Basil Mrs. Ferne Watson  Death MO 1963_0007
Haley Ben Oliver Haley Death MO 1917_0016
Haley Chalporn Jane C. Brock marriage MO 1985_0010
Haley Charles A. "C. A." Lois Shipp Death MO 1980_0005
Haley Donald L.  Dorothy Willer Death MO 1990_0011
Haley Doris Mrs. Jack A. Haley Dr. Death MO 1963_0016
Haley Doris Mrs. news MO 1963_0018
Haley Dorothy Dell Green Mrs. Marvin Haley Death MO 2009_0004
Haley Elizabeth Ruth Shier Marshall Ray Haley Death MO 2006_0010
Haley Ernest Eugene Lester Moad Haley Death MO 1961_0018
Haley Family reunion news MO 1939_0028
Haley Gordon L. Esther Haley Mrs. Death MO 1997_0006
Haley Herschel Laura Moehle Death MO 1966_0017
Haley infant daughter Richard Haley Death MO 1930_0003
Haley J. B.  Jennie Evans Death MO 1940_0017
Haley Jack James J. Haley news MO 1941_0020
Haley Jack medical degree news MO 1951_0027
Haley Jack A. Dr. Doris Virginia Smith  Death MO 1963_0017
Haley Jack A. Dr. surgery practice news MO 1958_0031
Haley Jack A. Dr. service changed news MO 1963_0019
Haley Jack A. Dr. question his will news MO 1963_0025
Haley Jack A. Dr. will not valid news MO 1963_0026
Haley Jack Arnold Dr. Doris Smith Haley Mrs. Death MO 1963_0015
Haley Jack Dr.                        Death MO 1963_0020
Haley James Grace Haley Mrs. Death MO 1956_0016
Haley James M. Leslie Haley Death MO 1928_0019
Haley Joe house burned news MO 1932_0019
Haley Joe John Egglmen news MO 1932_0020                 
Haley Joel L. Sr. Mrs. Frances Elizabeth Davis  Death MO 1975_0029
Haley Joel Lloyd  Frances Davis Death MO 1988_0003
Haley Joel Lloyd  Frances Davis Death MO 1988_0004
Haley John truck accident injured MO 1940_0051
Haley John news MO 1934_0017
Haley John Benjamin Alice Mae Smith Death MO 1967_0011
Haley John Clarence Marjorie Haley Mrs. Death MO 1981_0005
Haley John Jr. Marjory Eichelberger marriage MO 1940_0024
Haley Joseph E. Sadie Burnete Death MO 1962_0011
Haley Laura Anna Moehle Mrs. William Herschel Haley Death MO 1974_0018
Haley Lee Patrick Chris Haley Death WA 2001_0015
Haley Lois Shipp  Death MO 1977_0004
Haley Lola Shipp Haley Mrs. Charles A. Haley Death MO 1977_0003
Haley Lyman Moody Elsie Haley Mrs. Death MO 1992_0033
Haley Marshall Ray injury while stacking hay news MO 1968_0027
Haley Marvin Dorothy Green Death MO 2000_0011
Haley Marvin  Dorothy Green Death MO 2000_0012
Haley Nelson G.  Roberta Stewart Death MO 2001_0021
Haley Nelson Grundy Roberta Stewart marriage MO 1941_0025
Haley Nina Mae Arthur Haley Death MO 1939_0016
Haley Oliver Clara Schilb marriage MO 1905_0011
Haley Ollie Margaret Hartley Mrs. John B. Haley Death MO 1971_0022
Haley Richard R. Myrtle L. Bolch Death MO 1978_0008
Haley Richard R. Myrtle L. Bolch Death MO 1978_0023
Haley Sam to try case attorney MO 1922_0025
Haley Ted M. Dr. Janet Haley Mrs. Death MO 2004_0019
Haley Thomas Oliver  "Ol" Clara Schilb Death MO 1963_0004
Haley Thomas Oliver "Ol"      Death MO 1963_0005
Haley Waneta  miss Jim Haley Death MO 1939_0024
Haley Warren Margaret Groves Haley Mrs. Death MO 1942_0041
Haley Wilbur Ola Haley Death MO 1970_0013
Haley Wilbur L.  Ola Blanch Bolch Death MO 1970_0014
Haley Wilhelmina Miss Lyman Haley news MO 1926_0017
Haley Willard Pilot Grove essay contest news MO 1976_0004
Haley Willard Who's Who Am. H. S. Students news MO 1977_0026
Haley Willard  J. Haley Elizabeth Jane Petersen marriage MO 1967_0021
Haley Willard  J. Haley cont  of 1967_0021 marriage MO 1967_0022
Haley Willard H.  Shirley Metcalfe Death MO 1993_0006
Haley William Death MO 1876_0001
Haley William Herschel Laura Moehle Death MO 1966_0014
Haley William Lesley Kathryn Babbitt Death MO 1959_0010
Haley William Mrs. A. J. Hornbeck Death MO 1920_0006
Haley Wm. E. Lena Hornbeck marriage MO 1907_0002
Haley  Family reunion news MO 1940_0030
Haley  Lloyd infant son birth MO 1930_0008
Hall Mary Melton Mrs. Harry E. Hall Death MO 1961_0020
Hall Taylor R. Grace Hixson marriage MO 1924_0002
Hall Willard H.  Hazel Walden Death MO 1983_0003
Hall William Henry Darlene Lucille Oehrke marriage MO 1952_0005
Haller Ernest L. Della J. Haller Mrs. Death MO 1969_0003
Haller Monte H. Elelyn Melkersman Mrs. Death MO 1972_0036
Halley David G. Civil War Veteran Death MO 1932_0032
Halley Estella Myrtle dau of Benton Haley Death MO 1897_0003
Hamilton Otho infant son birth MO 1940_0019
Hamlin John B. Mrs. Mabel Frances Lewis Death MO 1965_0013
Hamlin John B. Mrs. Charles Lewis Death MO 1965_0015
Hamlin John B. Mrs. Death MO 1965_0016
Hamner Bill J. Joseph Hamner Death MO 1985_0013
Hampton Dennis R. Margaret Kenney marriage MO 1905_0009
Hampton James K. Sallie Smith Death MO 1925_0015
Hampton Mary Francis Bishop Mrs. Arthur Hampton Death MO 1992_0027
Hampton Sallie Fisher Walter B. Johnson Death MO 1919_0026
Hancock Eva Mrs. Death MO 1921_0002
Hanenkratt Jaunita Smith Mrs. Jerry Hanenkratt Death MO 1999_0017
Hanley Georgia Mrs. Wade Hanley Death MO 1968_0008
Hanna Rose Irene Bookout Rennison Mrs. Carl V. Rennison Death MO 2003_0019
Hannah Cole's Grave donation news MO 1930_0016
Hansbro Willie E. Pearl Killion marriage MO 1909_0001
Hansett Floyd William Mary Daniels Death MO 1966_0008
Hansett Mary Lou Daniel Mrs. Floyd Hansett Death MO 1999_0018
Hanson  Raymond infant son birth MO 1947_0028
Harbit  James Clayton Tara Lynn Slivkov marriage MO 2003_0018
Harger Michael James Theresa Ann Hurt marriage MO 1980_0019
Hargrove Tenah B.  Dorothy White Death MO 1983_0016
Harms Donald D. Fred C. Harms Death MO 1942_0025
Harms Emilie K. Lovercamp Mrs. Rudolph Harms Death MO 1976_0008
Harms Grace E. Aldridge Mrs. John H. Harms Death MO 1991_0011
Harms Monta E. Taylor Mrs. William Harms Death MO 1997_0003
Harms Victor D. Eunice Harms Mrs. Death MO 1997_0003
Harness A. E. Henry Harness Death MO 1957_0001
Harrell Ada Maude Carver Mrs. Clarence R. Harrell Death MO 1986_0015
Harriman A. C. son birth MO 1901_0008
Harris Alberta L. Davis Mrs. Ertsie Harris Death MO 1992_0013
Harris Mary Grace Mercer Mrs. Lee Roy Harris Death MO 1985_0024
Harris Sarah E. Mrs. Death MO 1966_0029
Harris  Emma Louise Kirchner Mrs. Thomas A. Harris Death MO 2005_0003
Harris  H. C. Dr. Wilma Hurt marriage MO 1941_0037
Harris  Mary Frances Death MO 1900_0001
Harrison Carrie Amelia Benedict Mrs. Carl Harrison Death IL 2004_0005
Harrison Elizabeth John Harrison Death MO 1900_0001
Hart John Robert Elizabeth Browning marriage MO 1930_0016
Hartford Martha Death MO 1910_0003
Hartley Ernest Ray Delia Jobe Death MO 1974_0024
Hartman Berniece Case Mrs. Richard P. Hartman Death MO 1991_0017
Hartman Richard P.  Bernice C. Hartman Mrs. Death MO 1981_0025
Hartman Richard Patterson Death MO 1981_0026
Harvey Blanche Johnson Mrs. William W. Harvey Death MO 1977_0035
Hasenegaeger Roy Earl Oerly Mrs. Death MO 1966_0017
Hatfield Alfred J.  Death MO 1995_0014
Hatfield Clara Mae Goodman Mrs. Melvin Paul Hatfield Death MO 1999_0017
Hawkins Mary "Aunt" Death MO 1920_0020
Hayes B. F.          Deliah Dever Death MO 1930_0025
Haynes W. S. Mrs. Louis Wiggins Death MO 1948_0003
Haynie Fleming Wadean Little marriage MO 1928_0012
Hays Raymond E.  Sarah Hays Mrs. Death MO 1986_0015
Hays  Bryda V. Death MO 1991_0010
Hayslip Eugene Juanita Harris marriage MO 1929_0032
Hayslip Frank Tom Hayslip Death MO 1919_0015
Hayslip Gene Juanita Harris marriage MO 1929_0032
Hayslip Hattie Margaret Tom Hayslip Death MO 1920_0014
Hayslip Hattie Margaret Tom Hayslip Death MO 1920_0016
Hayslip James W. infant daughter birth MO 1971_0007
Hayslip Johnny Ellis  Netta C. Crabtree Death MO 1971_0009
Hayslip Johnny Ellis  Netta C. Crabtree Death MO 1971_0010
Hayslip Richard Frances Maude Rockhold Death MO 1940_0001
Hayslip Thomas Martha "Peggy" Ash Schrankler Death MO 1990_0001
Hayslip Tom 2 year old child Death MO 1920_0016
Hayslip Tom Bessie Rogers marriage MO 1929_0013
Hazard Edna Ruth Mrs. Albert Hazard Death MO 1995_0010
Hazel Judson Fronie D. Wright Death MO 1927_0013
Hazel Sarah Isabel Pulley Mrs. J. J. Hazel Death MO 1933_0002
Hazel William D. Annie Harris Death MO 1930_0013
Hazel  Marvin C.  Marie Smith Death MO 1984_0032
Hazell Aubrey Ethel Moore Death MO 1968_0010
Hazell Aubrey Death MO 1968_0011
Hazell Aubrey Death MO 1968_0012
Hazell Aubrey public sale news MO 1935_0003
Hazell Dade Death MO 1936_0026
Hazell Ethel M. Moore Mrs. Aubrey Hazell Death MO 1976_0037
Hazell Joseph I. Death MO 1923_0006
Hazell Morton L. Catherine Cecelia Flynn Death KS 1946_0001
Hazell Sebern Graham Nancy Jolly Death MO 1901_0007
Hazell Woodrow Maxine Johnson marriage MO 1934_0016
Heady Clay of Oklahoma news MO 1933_0026
Heckman W.  F. C. M. Renno Death MO 1935_0020
Heim Dora Jr. Mr. Ruby Eichman Death MO 1977_0029
Heim Mary Mrs. Death MO 1976_0030
Heim Warner W. Mrs. I. E. Garrett Death MO 1961_0008
Hein Golda Frances Carey Mrs. Harry Hein Death MO 1989_0009
Hein Harry C. Golda F. Carey Death MO 1992_0007
Hein   Harold infant daughter birth MO 1966_0016
Heinrich Huldah Hurt Mrs. John Heinrich Jr. Death MO 1964_0017
Heisler Gerald Leo Vickie Faye Smith marriage MO 1968_0022
Helm Ida Chamberlin Mrs. Douglas Helm Death MO 1933_0009
Helmig Carey Ann Richard Helmig Death MO 1975_0007
Helmrich Conrad murdered MO 1886_0002
Helms George Maude Woolery Death MO 1939_0015
Helvey Carl Richard Kenneth J. Helvey Death MO 1999_0026
Henderson Arthur LeRoy Mildred Bass Death MO 1986_0022
Henderson Bus Lania Hockaday marriage MO 1927_0043
Henderson G.P. father of baby girl birth MO 1899_0014
Henderson Hattie Belle miss Samuel Edward Henderson Death MO 1996_0011
Hendrix Mamie Death MO 1979_0026
Henry Minnie Clara miss John M. Henry Death MO 1946_0003
Henry Co. Republican Ladue column news MO  1904_0002
Henry Co. Republican Ladue column news MO 1904_0004
Henry Co. Republican Ladue column news MO 1904_0006
Henry Co. Republican Ladue column news MO 1904_0007
Henselman Jessica accident injury MO 1981_0021
Hensger David A. Janet Moen Death WI 2004_0024
Henton Anna Rees Mrs. John Leonard Henton Death MO 1959_0011
Hepp Phyllis M. Rennison Wayne E. Hepp Death IL 2006_0016
Her Sixteen Sons article MO 1912_0006
Herigon Bill infant son birth MO 1992_0017
Heritage Herbert Garfield Death MO 1966_0020
Herke Joe infant daughter birth MO 1925_0013
Herndon Eunice Dearing Mrs. Paris W. Herndon Death MO 1966_0022
Herndon Howard John T. Herndon Death MO 1930_0003
Herndon J. L. Agnes Doutt marriage KS 1903_0012
Herren Howard  Loretta Ferguson marriage MO 1940_0037
Herrin Garland Virginia Herrin Mrs. Death MO 1973_0013
Hertzberg William Death MO 1931_0006
Hess David Lucker Dr. Bertha Elizabeth Smith marriage MO 1932_0041
Hewitt Paul Douglas Death MO 1970_0024
Hibdon Gail Lee  Linda Allen Death MO 1981_0020
Hibdon Gail Lee  Linda Allen Death MO 1981_0021
Hickam Bill infant daughter birth MO 1992_0026
Hickam Dorothy Whitlow William Henry Hickam Death MO 2007_0002
Hickam Edward Death MO 1969_0016
Hickam Mrs. Samuel Death MO 1896_0002
Hicks John Mabel Hicks Mrs. Death MO 1972_0027
Higdon Buelah final settlement MO 1923_0003
Higdon Cue A. Daisy May Potter Death MO 1937_0010
Hildebrand C. George Jr. Mary E. Lammers Death MO 1992_0005
Hilden B. L.  Death MO 1976_0018
Hilden Julia miss Death MO 1975_0014
Hilden Mary Ann Neale Mrs. John Lyle Hilden Death MO 2006_0014
Hilderbrand Curtis   infant son birth MO 1941_0021
Hill Benjamin Harrison Martha Hurt Mrs. marriage MO 1924_0013
Hill Bruce Redman Lenora Inez Beadles Death MO 1948_0012
Hill Clara Belle Walker Mrs. Virgil Hill Death MO 1973_0013
Hill Delma "Iva" Placial Mrs. Therow C. Hill Death MO 1989_0020
Hill E. C. Mrs. Hannah M. Maddox Death MO 1930_0026
Hill Elmer Finley William Henry Hill Death MO 1975_0033
Hill Frank Death MO 1971_0028
Hill Hardin Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth Sinclair Death MO 1933_0003
Hill Hardin R.  Sarah Sinclair miss Death MO 1942_0033
Hill James G. Death MO 1931_0011
Hill James Lyman Grace Stone Death MO 2004_0016
Hill Jasper Leroy Jasper Hill Death MO 1977_0016
Hill Josephine   Adm. Notice MO 1923_0003
Hill Lester Mrs. Ira Dedrick Death MO 1932_0022
Hill Raymond Ezra Jessie Irene Moore marriage MO 1942_0001
Hill Reymond Helen Hill Mrs. Death MO 1983_0014
Hill Samuel Josephine Hill Death MO 1922_0026
Hill Theron "T. C." Delma Ivy Placial Death MO 2001_0007
Hill   Josephine Mrs. Sam Hill Death MO 1922_0026
Hillman John Death KS 1922_0001
Hillman John Death KS 1922_0002
Hills Stanley S. Genevieve McCorkendale marriage MO 1929_0032
Hilton Frank Edward Alma Hilton Mrs. Death MO 1966_0022
Hinck Wilford W.  Death MO 1984_0010
Hirlinger William J. Mrs. Cora E. Smith Death MO 1956_0003
History of schools Cooper Co. teacher J. T. Steele history MO 1939_0023
Hixson Mrs. Margaret Death MO 1899_0012
Hoberecht Milton Mrs. Martha Pfaffenberger Death MO 1971_0028
Hockaday John Fannie Logan marriage MO 1909_0001
Hockaday Sandie Mrs. H. Roger Starke Death MO 1927_0032
Hockaday Sandie Mrs. S. P. Huff Mrs. Death MO 1927_0032
Hockaday Will Mrs. L. F. McClure Mrs. Death MO 1927_0033
Hodges Edmund Joseph Lucille Hodges Mrs. Death MO 1977_0013
Hodges Laura L.  Mrs. Death MO 1943_0003
Hoehns Dorothy Walker Cranfield Rumans Mrs. Kit Rumans Death MO 1996_0017
Hoffman Hans Walter Sandra Kaye Riley marriage MO 1985_0010
Hoffman Jacob Mrs. Maude Roe Death MO 1970_0004
Hofmann Bertha L. Grief Walter Hofmann Death MO 1977_0021
Hoge Wm. M Annette Flery marriage MO 1888_0009
Hohine Alfred infant son birth MO 1927_0020
Holdner John H. John Davis Holder Death MO 1946_0012
Holem Richard Earl Judy Ann Homan  marriage MO 1978_0007
Holland Thomas Jefferson Catherine Franklin Death MO 1944_0002
Holland Thomas W. Martha E. Gentry Death MO 1919_0008
Holliday Earl Mrs. Rose Schupp Death MO 1971_0026
Holliday  Earl Jrs. Will Schwitzky accident MO 1940_0035
Hollman John Death MO 1899_0014
Holman Joe L. Richard Roy Holman Death MO 1948_0009
Holman Joe L. Richard Roy  Holman Death MO 1948_0012
Holman Joe_L Richard Roy R. Holman Death MO 1948_0004
Holman Robert Cline  Earlene Mayfield Death MO 2000_0019
Holt Jack escaped jail news MO 1927_0029
Holtzclaw Willard F. "Bill" Irene Kilgore Death MO 1981_0022
Homan Cassie L. Page Mrs. Leroy Homan Death MO 2006_0012
Homan Charles Lillie Jaeger Death MO 1942_0022
Homan Charles Lillie Jaeger Death MO 1942_0023
Homan Charles Ray Homan Death MO 1942_0024
Homan Charles Death MO 1942_0026
Homan Charles Death MO 1943_0001
Homan Charles William Rose Myrtle Yarnell Death MO 1945_0009
Homan David H. Carrie Holt Mrs. Death MO 1947_0005
Homan David Madison Rebecca Salmons Death MO 1958_0037
Homan Fannie wife of Frank Death MO 1899_0006
Homan George Mrs. Annie Mason Death MO 1924_0010
Homan Homer Elwin Dorothy Jacobs Death MO 1991_0016
Homan Homer Russell  Peg'ee Homan Mrs. Death MO 1978_0005
Homan Ida Death MO 1908_0002
Homan Ida  Smith Mrs. Robert Homan Death MO 1972_0038
Homan Ira David Jessie Ellen Bracy Death MO 1981_0028
Homan LeRoy Samuel Cassie Page Death MO 2000_0006
Homan Mary Ellen  Altha Lee Homan Death MO 1972_0005
Homan Mrs. Geo. Death MO 1894_0002
Homan Mrs. Geo. dying MO 1894_0001
Homan Mrs. Geo. funeral MO 1894_0003
Homan Nolan R.  Sam Homan Death MO 1936_0018
Homan Otha Lee  Grace Ellen Mason Death MO 1968_0049
Homan Otha Mrs. Grace Ellen Mason Death MO 1954_0023
Homan Ray S. Olive L. Howard Death MO 2003_0010
Homan Rose M. Yarnell Mrs. Charles W. Homan Death MO 1971_0030
Homan Samuel M. Stella I. Williams Death MO 1975_0002
Homan Stella Samuel M. Homan Death MO 1980_0020
Homan W. H. Charley Hupp lawsuit MO 1920_0019
Homan William J. Jessie Minor Death MO 1910_0009
Homan  Charles Death MO 1943_0002
Honness James J. Lucille Holas marriage IL 1924_0016
Hood Edward Grace Birdsong Death MO 1972_0016
Hood  Nellie J. Woolery Mrs. William C. Hood Death MO 1973_0009
Hooper William E. Ida Anderson Death MO 1960_0009
Hopkins Charles  infant daughter birth MO 1933_0027
Hopkins H. B. Mrs. Rebecca Burcham Death MO 1901_0010
Horine Ralph L. Corine Toler marriage  MO 1919_0006
Horn Dale  Joanne Opal Horn Death MO 1962_0008
Hornbeck Andrew J. Linnie Lee Dishion Death MO 1947_0008
Hornbeck Nora Ritchie Mrs. Andrew Hornbeck Death MO 1980_0009
Horned Snake news MO 1904_0009
Horner James R.  Ina A. Evans  Death MO 1962_0015
Horst Herman infant daughter Death MO 1941_0025
Horttor John L. "Jackie" the second Death MO 1984_0010
Hotsenpillar Lloyd B.  Helen Taylor Death MO 1974_0006
Hotsenpiller Agnes L. Homan Mrs. Herschell Hotsenpiller Death MO 1971_0005
Hotsenpiller Harry Mettie Steele marriage MO 1909_0024
Hotzen George Annie Mueller marriage MO 1899_0005
Houas Lee Death MO 1899_0003
Houchen Mary Evelyn Case Mrs. Wayne A. Houchen Death MO 2001_0034
House Cary Lorn  Beverly Louise Case marriage MO 1973_0008
Houx Garnet M. Giltner Mrs. Perry Lawson Houx Death MO 1990_0007
Howard Anna Pearl Graduate news MO 1941_0035
Howard E. K. (Kile) Georgia Marr  Death MO 1969_0040
Howard Golder Mrs. William J. Atkinson Dr. Death MO 1941_0032
Howard John G. Alice Woods Death MO 1935_0014
Howard Lem Mrs. Death MO 1977_0021
Howell Dorothy E. Cartner Joseph G. Howell Death MO 1987_0013
Howell Gold Myrtle Case marriage MO 1909_0031
Howell Jewell infant son Death MO 1920_0009
Howell Joseph G.  Dorothy E. Cartner Death MO 1984_0035
Howlett Roy Helen Howlett Edwards Mrs. Death MO 1948_0005
Hubbard J. H. Mrs. Elpha Ann Silvey Death MO 1941_0025
Huckins Heather Lenna Joseph Huckins Death MO 1971_0001
Hudson Beverly Craig Mrs. Don F. Hudson Death MO 1975_0003
Hudson Rebecca Smith  Mrs. James A. Hudson Death MO 1999_0014
Hudson Rebecca Smith  Mrs. James A. Hudson Death MO 1999_0015
Huey Grace Truman miss Albert Huey Death MO 1983_0018
Huff Bonnie Jessie Huff moved MO 1927_0002
Huff Bonnie Mrs. Jessie Huff Death MO 1928_0005
Huff Clara Corinne Turner Mrs. Lee Alexander Huff Death MO 1942_0037
Huff Daniel  V. V. Huff Death MO 1925_0018
Huff Daniel  Death MO 1925_0019
Huff Harley H. Frances Riley Mrs. Death MO 1940_0027
Huff J. M.  ill MO 1920_0016
Huff J. S. M. John Sappinton Marm. Death MO 1924_0005
Huff J. S. M. news MO 1909_0023
Huff Jane Mrs. John Huff, m: 1852 Death MO 1920_0021
Huff Jessie miss Death MO 1933_0031
Huff Louis      infant daughter birth MO 1927_0021
Huff Sandy P. E. Lewis Mrs. Death MO 1927_0046
Huff V. V. politics news MO 1919_0003
Huff Virgil Mrs. illness MO 1927_0003
Huff Virgil V.  John Huff Death MO 1920_0007
Huff Virgil V.  cont. of 1920_0007 Death MO 1920_0008
Huff Virgil V. Mrs. news MO 1940_0014
Huff W. J. Death MO 1913_0015
Huff Wade   G. B. Copeland Mrs. Death MO 1924_0004
Huff Wm. J. Jane Huff Mrs. Death MO 1913_0014
Huffman Willard M. Evelyn Lambert Death MO 1994_0003
Hughes Eleanor Death MO 1915_0011
Hughes Fannie Mrs. Fannie Lee Allison Death MO 1947_0011
Hughes Morrison Sr. Mrs. Carrie Herndon Death MO 1942_0011
Hummel Carl B. Death MO 1923_0019
Humphrey Green illness IA 1907_0004
Humphrey Greenbury Silena Chaffee Death IA 1907_0006
Humphreys Annie Laurie Schlotzhauer Mrs. Edward T. Humphreys M. D. Death MO 2006_0011
Humphreys  Mrs. David Death IA 1882_0001
Hunt Charles infant daughter birth MO 1940_0019
Hunt  Florence E. Myers Mrs. Glenn Hunt Death MO 1983_0017
Hunter Ailsie Brown Mrs. Byard Edgar Hunter Death MO 1978_0018
Hunter Ethel Zona Miller Mrs. Horace V. Hunter Death MO 1984_0006
Hunter Forrest Madison Mary Jane Boehmer marriage MO 1932_0039
Hunter Helen May Moore Mrs. James Hunter Death MO 1982_0025
Hunter Isaac "Chic" Lewis Hunter Death MO 1971_0017
Huntress Beynon L.  Death MO 1985_0012
Hurst Joseph R. Sr. Virginia L. McCurry Death MO 1992_0015
Hurst Ruth V. Death MO 1982_0027
Hurt A. Esq. Death MO 1883_0001
Hurt Acrey B. Adm. Notice MO 1923_0003
Hurt Acrey B. W. B. Copas Mrs. Death MO 1922_0027
Hurt Albert Junior Bernice Dean Sartin marriage MO 1959_0014
Hurt Alva W. Charlotte Moore Hurt Death MO 1953_0006
Hurt Alva W. Charlotte Moore Hurt Death MO 1953_0008
Hurt Alva W. Clarence L. Hurt Death MO 1953_0008
Hurt Alvin W. Nellie Armstrong marriage  MO 1919_0021
Hurt Andrew C. Celeste Holstein Death MO 1920_0024
Hurt Annabel M. Mayfield Mrs. Ewing Hurt Death MO 1983_0016
Hurt Ben W. A. Hurt Death MO 1916_0003
Hurt Benijah Mary E. Edwards Death MO 1914_0019
Hurt Benijah Mary E. Edwards Death MO 1914_0020
Hurt Benjamin F. Mathilda M. Langkop Death MO 1939_0001
Hurt Benona William W. A. Hurt Death MO 1916_0002
Hurt Boone Malinda Haley Death MO 1935_0006
Hurt Boone Malinda Haley Death MO 1935_0008
Hurt Boone 76th birthday news MO 1930_0024
Hurt Charlotte C.  Alva W. Hurt Death MO 1977_0031
Hurt Clarence Lee Lulu Blanck Death MO 1974_0004
Hurt Eckard Frank Harris illness MO 1918_0003
Hurt Ewing news MO 1961_0013
Hurt Ewing Rankin Gip Hurt Death MO 1966_0027
Hurt Florence Nelson Mrs. Henry P. Hurt Sr. Death MO 1982_0011
Hurt H. Gibson (Gip) Myrtle Rankin Death MO 1954_0008
Hurt J. M. Death MO 1932_0005
Hurt James A. Martha Belle Morris Death MO 1961_0002
Hurt James A. Death MO 1961_0003
Hurt James M. Death MO 1932_0004
Hurt James M. William Hurt Death MO 1932_0008
Hurt James Marion Death MO 1932_0006
Hurt James Marion Death MO 1932_0007
Hurt James Marion Speed Hickam Mrs. Death MO 1932_0012
Hurt James Marion William John Hurt Death MO 1932_0013
Hurt Joel V. June Moore Death MO 1996_0015
Hurt Joel V.  June Moore Death MO 1996_0016
Hurt John William Sr. Lowella Tanner Death MO 1972_0004
Hurt Lewis V.  Ruby Harvey Death MO 1984_0011
Hurt Louella Tanner Mrs. John W. Hurt Death MO 1986_0007
Hurt Lulu Blanck Mrs. Clarence L. Hurt Death MO 1989_0008
Hurt Malinda Haley Mrs. Boone Hurt Death MO 1954_0024
Hurt Marion news MO 1918_0022
Hurt Mary Millard Ambrose marriage  MO 1917_0005
Hurt Michael Mrs. Patricia Jane Holstun Death MO 1968_0019
Hurt Michael Mrs. Patricia Jane Holstun Death MO 1968_0021
Hurt Monroe Death MO 1894_0006
Hurt Opal Frances D. D. Hurt Death MO 1914_0016
Hurt Paul infant daughter birth MO 1942_0003
Hurt Paul Bethel Allee marriage MO 1932_0001
Hurt Paul Raymond Bethel Allee Death MO 1969_0011
Hurt Raymond Myrtle Gibson Death MO 1984_0006
Hurt Raymond Death MO 1984_0007
Hurt Ruby Vesta Harvey Mrs. Lewis Hurt Death MO 1982_0013
Hurt Silas Della Hurt Mrs. Death MO 1951_0011
Hurt Silas Mrs. Della Love Ross Death MO 1933_0048
Hurt Silas Mrs. Della Love Ross Death MO 1933_0049
Hurt Susan Elizabeth Mrs. John M. Hurt Death MO 1941_0019
Hurt W. J. Mrs. Myra Smith Death MO 1961_0011
Hurt W. T.  automobile wreck injury MO 1941_0046
Hurt Wilbur Thomas  Otillia Vogel Death MO 1977_0033
Hurt William Gip Hurt Death MO 1972_0036
Hurt Willis Emma S. Bear Death MO 1929_0026
Hurt Willis Mrs. Emma Susan Bear Death MO 1931_0008
Hurt  Amanda S. Wm. Back Mrs. Death MO 1909_0026
Hurt  Amanda S. J. B. Hurt Death MO 1909_0028
Hurt  Aubrey Serepta Evans marriage MO 1904_0011
Hurt  F. M. Death MO 1909_0013
Hurt  John D. Uncle Johnnie Whistletrigger Death MO 1906_0003
Hurt  John D. Uncle Johnnie Whistletrigger Death MO 1906_0005
Hurt  John D. Susan news MO 1900_0004
Hurt  Milo Mrs. Harriett Hurt Death MO 1903_0008
Hurt  Minnie Harry Kirchner marriage MO 1900_0007
Hurt  Sidney news MO 1900_0008
Hutchinson Lillie Anne  James Albert Garfield Hutchinson Death MO 1999_0015
Iman Louis A. Theresa Miller marriage MO 1929_0032
Indep. Examiner legal records news MO 1961_0012
Ingertson Ruth Alieene Doutt Mrs. Donald Everett Ingertson Death MO 1999_0019
Ingram Richard Ray Lula Bailey Death MO 1969_0011
Ireland  Elva  Death MO 2006_0012
Irwin A. B. Mrs. Margaret Florence Licklighter Death MO 1952_0005
Isabell  Leo E. Jr. Bonnie Louise Parker  Death MO 2000_0012
Isabell Rodney Allen Vera Mae Smith marriage MO 1983_0023
Iseminger James N.  Julia Thomas Death MO 1994_0005
Iseminger Julia Mrs. Death MO 1994_0005
Jackson Adaline Mrs. Richard Curry Mrs. Death MO 1928_0017
Jackson C. B. Death MO 1924_0001
Jackson Earl    Geneva Stallsworth Death MO 1969_0026
Jackson Edward  Hazel Jackson Mrs. Death MO 1984_0024
Jackson Emma Anderson Mrs. Morris Jackson Death MO 1985_0014
Jackson Florence Walker Mrs. William B. Jackson Death MO 1980_0009
Jackson Henry A. Death MO 1921_0013
Jackson Kate W. Mrs. Carrie B. Jackson miss Death MO 1933_0034
Jackson Laura Gilmore William Jackson Death MO 1978_0006
Jackson Ollie Mrs. Russell Riley Mrs. Death MO 1965_0010
Jackson Ollie Mrs. Paul Jackson Death MO 1965_0011
Jackson Ollie Mrs. Death MO 1965_0013
Jackson Ollie Renison Mrs. Sterling A. Jackson Death MO 1965_0012
Jackson Paul Ruth Sellers 50th anniversary MO 1991_0020
Jackson Paul A.  Ruth E. Sellers Death MO 1995_0014
Jackson Paul Dean master sgt. retired Georgia Jackson Mrs. Death MO 1992_0015
Jackson Paul Ray Samuel C. Jackson Sr. Death MO 1988_0014
Jackson Rachel C. Mrs. W. T. Jackson Death MO 1946_0003
Jackson Rachel Cartner Mrs. Everett Neal Mrs. Death MO 1946_0002
Jackson Robert Ester Ecknoff Death MO 1946_0015
Jackson Robert Death MO 1946_0016
Jackson Robert Elwood Mary Ann Tezon Death MO 1984_0011
Jackson Sterling Death MO 1918_0028
Jackson William Brenaw Florence Margaret Walker Death MO 1976_0008
Jackson  Benjamin Stallworth  Dixie D. Leach Death MO 2001_0025
Jacobs Gladys G. Kelbly Mrs. Roy W. Jacobs Death MO 1978_0017
Jacobs Roy W. T. Leach Mrs. Death MO 1936_0024
Jacobs Roy William J. D. Kelby Death MO 1936_0022
Jaeger Earl Edward Anna Frences White marriage MO 1942_0001
Jaeger Marie Homan Mrs. Edward W. Jaeger Death MO 1960_0002
Jaeger William Mrs. Bettie Sophia Schierholtz Death MO 1967_0004
James Jesse acquital MO 1899_0009
James Jesse news MO 1907_0005
James Jesse Jr. Death MO 1951_0012
James Jesse Jr. Stella F. James divorce MO 1909_0021
James Mary Belle  Doran Mrs. Lucy Jane Sparks Mrs. Death MO 1975_0007
James Mary L. Henry L. Burr marriage MO 1901_0003
Jeff. City - Tribune news - Elston MO 1902_0005
Jeffress Elson Sr. Alice Haerle Death MO 1954_0007
Jeffries Betty Kathryn Leo Jeffries Death MO 1933_0042
Jenkins Charles H., Jr. William A. Gossett Death MO 1962_0004
Jenkins Elizabeth miss James C. Jenkins Death MO 1992_0003
Jennings Eva Anthony Mrs. John Robinson Death MO 1997_0001
Jennings Freddie Louise Fred Jennings Death MO 1947_0010
Jennings Oscar Mrs. Marvel Grace Struchtemeyer Death MO 1980_0021
Jobe James H.  Ida Williams Death MO 1940_0023
Jobe Will Charley Renison Death MO 1922_0006
Jobe Will Ruperd Renison Death MO 1922_0007
Johnson Beatrice May Garrett Earl E. Johnson Death MO 1923_0007
Johnson Charles E.  Virginia Paxton Death MO 1986_0015
Johnson Charles T. Lena Metz Death MO 1930_0020
Johnson Chas. Mrs. Lena Metz Death MO 1903_0007
Johnson Clyde Margaret Custer Death MO 1931_0021
Johnson Ellis Scott Mattie Belle Rennison Death MO 1958_0011
Johnson Granison M. Rebecca Johnson Death MO 1919_0027
Johnson Granison Mrs. Death MO 1917_0006
Johnson Granison Mrs. Death MO 1917_0007
Johnson Hazel E. Roberts Mrs. Harold Butler Death MO 1998_0022
Johnson Hazel Moore Mrs. Ward C. Johnson Death MO 1988_0005
Johnson Helen     Death MO 1981_0010
Johnson Isaac M. Mary Frances Woolery Death MO 1927_0034
Johnson Mary C. Hampton John L. McMahan Death MO 1917_0008
Johnson Matie Bell  Rennison Mrs. Scott Johnson Death MO 1967_0012
Johnson Mildred  Maude Renison Mrs. Clarence Alex Johnson Death MO 1999_0027
Johnson Robert Phillip Death MO 1962_0015
Johnson  Charles J. Jr. Evelyn M. Duckworth marriage MO 1932_0039
Johnson  E. S. infant daughter birth MO 1940_0019
Johnson  Ernest Mrs. Death MO 1940_0013
Johnson  J. Luke Stella Seymour Death MO 1935_0022
Johnston Charlotte A. Stewart Donald Johnston Death MO 2001_0005
Johnston  Willa April Cronin Death MO 2002_0020
Jokes MO 1906_0015
Jolliff Jack W. Death MO 1993_0006
Jolly Richard A. Death MO 1898_0003
Jones Cora F. Howe Mrs. Lee D. Jones Death MO 1970_0007
Jones Everett Sr. Emma Rowden Death MO 1973_0001
Jones Henry Clay Henry Jones Death MO 1968_0056
Jones Izola Elizabeth Hays   M. A. Jones Dr. Death MO 2004_0018
Jones J. T. Mrs. Edith Jones Mrs. Death MO 1942_0005
Jones John T. Edith Nancy Lee Death MO 1948_0012
Jones Margaret Jean Kelso Mrs. Marion C. Jones Death MO 1993_0011
Jones William O.  Zenobia Jones Death MO 1995_0009
Jordan Dollie Foster Mrs. Lee Jordan Death MO 1920_0016
Joung John A. G. L. Elston robbery MO 1889_0003
Judd Linda Diana Charles Judd Death MO 1951_0005
Judge John   Margarete Davis Death MO 1920_0020
Junkerman Albert        Death MO 1918_0021
Kabler Frank Rail Crossing Accident seriously injured MO 1949_0015
Kahrs Louis J. Ellie L. Kahrs Death MO 1968_0049
Kaiser Ada news MO 1933_0032
Kaiser William Try Death MO 1985_0031
Kansas City Times Deaths obituaries 31 October 1979 news MO 1979_0023
Karr Gladys M. Wilson Mrs. T. J. Howser Death MO 1992_0008
Kay Byran Mrs.                                                            Carrie Cassil Death MO 1972_0040
Keating Dan infant daughter birth MO 1968_0001
Keele Clarence Everett  Atha Irene Keele Mrs. Death MO 2001_0002
Keim Blanch Elizabeth Mrs. Death MO 1948_0017
Keithly Elmer Maude T. Canole Death MO 1969_0011
Kelbly John D. Mary Kelbly Death MO 1942_0038
Kelby J. D. Mrs. Lydia McNeil Death MO 1936_0004
Keller Raymond  Gladys Toler Death MO 1935_0012
Kelly John P. Col. Kemper Military School Death MO 1972_0037
Kelly Mrs. Death KS 1921_0011
Kelso George Mrs. Death MO 1958_0037
Kelvey J. D. Mrs. Lula McNeil news MO 1936_0007
Kemp Leonard Lorene Meyer marriage MO 1923_0001
Kemper Marie S. Mrs. Death MO 1973_0009
Kempf David William Candace Lynn Johnson Death MO 2006_0013
Kempf Greg infant daughter birth MO 1999_0009
Kempf Harold W. "Bud" 30 year anniversary news MO 1978_0021
Kempf Hubert F. Death MO 1975_0001
Kempf Mary Ann Schuster Mrs. Harold H. Kempf Death MO 2008_0003
Kempf Maurine Francis Jackson Mrs. Edward J. Kempf Death MO 2001_0007
Kempf Otto infant daughter birth MO 1930_0008
Kempf Otto renew marriage vows news MO 1966_0005
Kempf Tim infant son birth MO 1992_0024
Kempf Tracy A. Honor Society news MO 1998_0005
Kennedy Jewel  Mrs. Missouri state lawmaker Death MO 1982_0026
Kenney  Rita M. Fisher Mrs. John W. Kenney Death MO 1986_0011
Keosauqua Republican local news column IA 1884_0002
Kerr Penelope M. Bell Mrs. Melvin Kerr Death MO 1998_0024
Kidwell Eli Mrs. Cordelia Adell Kidwell Death MO 1951_0032
Kidwell Samuel Earl Death MO 1950_0003
Kidwell William Turner Sarah Elizabeth Cooper Death MO 1939_0010
King A. W. Virginia Gandee marriage MO 1854_0001
King  Frank "Abe"  Ida Summers Death MO 1984_0028
Kingery Bert Bond Mary Lee Kirner Death MO 1967_0013
Kingsbury Lilburn Robert Taylor Kingsbury Death MO 1983_0014
Kinne Sharon Mrs. Patricia Jones Mrs. news MO 1961_0021
Kirby Betty Louis Stone Mrs. Harold Kirby Death MO 2004_0013
Kirby Elmo  Alpha Yancey Death MO 1972_0032
Kircher Kendall infant daughter birth MO 1992_0017
Kirkpatrick Earl Durward Jr. Thelma Eileen Pfeiffer marriage MO 1969_0028
Kirkpatrick Johnnie Read Graduate news MO 1941_0035
Kirkpatrick Marilyn Louise Case Mrs. Earl D. Kirkpatrick Death MO 1998_0010
Kirkpatrick Nolan B. Death MO 1966_0013
Kirkpatrick Noland Burger  "Pat" Grace Lee Morris Death MO 1966_0011
Kirkpatrick Ray Mrs. Mayme Hallie Barker Death MO 1972_0006
Kirkpatrick Robert Morris Belle Elizabeth Williams Death MO 1998_0012
Kirschman Lola E. Adair Mrs. Porter Kirschman Death MO 1985_0030
Kirschman Pauline Custer Mrs. Hugh Kirschman Death MO 2004_0002
Kirton Charles William Minnie Dilthey Death MO 1941_0017
Kiser Raymond I.  Jess Kiser Death MO 1994_0008
Kivett Ora Lee Carson Mrs. Obdiah Massie Death MO 1944_0003
Klatt Eugene E. Judy Klatt Mrs. Death MO 1975_0015
Klein Marvin W. Clara Bernice Goddard Death MO 1982_0027
Klein Mathew Wade Wray Klein Death MO 1962_0005
Klein Nicholas B. Alice Isabelle Boyd Death MO 1974_0029
Klekamp Albert infant son birth MO 1923_0017
Klekamp Ilda Iola Esther Mrs. Death MO 1986_0012
Kline Leona Wyatt Mrs. Robert Wilhite Death MO 1961_0010
Klusmeyer Catherine S.  Grotzsinger Herbert Klusmeyer Sr. Death MO 1986_0012
Knedgen Ed infant son birth MO 1927_0038
Kneisly George Clemency  E. Roark Death MO 1947_0002
Knierim John Phillip Louise Baer Death MO 1969_0020
Knipp Alice Worths Mrs. Ernest Knipp Death MO 1974_0016
Knipp Peter  Jr. Emma Krammer Mrs. Death MO 1972_0036
Knoop J. W. Margaret Knoop Death MO 1929_0003
Knoop John W. C. D. Osorne Mrs. Death MO 1929_0003
Knorp Charles Katherine Moog 50 yr.anniv. MO 1931_0009
Knorp John Mrs. Jessie Lee Smith Death MO 1975_0003
Knorr Elfrieda H. Hager Mrs. Veit B. Knorr Death MO 1978_0017
Knowles Raymond Chester Death MO 1978_0008
Knox Charles Mrs. Lula Geheringer Death MO 1948_0014
Knull Archie Patricia Laxson Knull divorce MO 1976_0041
Knuth Mark Louis Cynthia Ann Stone marriage MO 1981_0015
Koch Mabel Elizabeth Rennison Mrs. Charles Michael Koch Death IA 1999_0032
Koeller Florence  Lorene Robinson Death MO 1985_0014
Koenig Hubert Mrs.  Ruth Weatherspoon Death MO 1976_0028
Koenig Jessie Friedrich Racy Mrs. Adolph Friedrich Death MO 2001_0007
Koonse V. Wesley Hallene Hurt marriage MO 1924_0023
Koonse Wesley Martha Jane Schuster Death MO 1974_0026
Koonse Wesley Martha Jane Schuster Death MO 1974_0028
Koontz D. S. T. E. Wherley Death MO 1935_0026
Koontz Starke Sally Carey Death MO 1935_0018
Korte Fritz "Boss"  Maggie Racy Death MO 2008_0011
Korte Glenn Edward  Fritz E. Korte Death MO 2008_0012
Korte Homer Mrs. Margaret Anne Frieling Sapp Death MO 1968_0003
Kosfeld Emory J.  Alice Davidson Death MO 2002_0013
Kosfeld Henry C.  Ida Steckmann Death MO 1966_0004
Kosfeld Herman infant daughter birth MO 1941_0018
Kosfeld Herman H.  Mrs. Samuel Rentschler Death MO 1959_0021
Kosfeld Herman H.  Mrs. Samuel Rentschler Death MO 1959_0022
Kosfeld Herman H. Mrs. Samuel Rentschler Death MO 1959_0024
Kosfeld Herman Henry Altha Rentschler Death MO 1971_0020
Kosfeld Herman Henry  Altha Rentschler Death MO 1971_0021
Kosfeld Samuel L. Sr. Norma Mae Weekley marriage MO 1968_0048
Kosfeld Samuel louis "Sam"  Vallie Jean Rohlfing Death MO 2008_0004
Kosfeld Vallie Jean Rohlfing Sam Kosfeld Death MO 2005_0021
Kosfeld Family reunion Herman Kosfeld news MO 1983_0020
Kosfeldt William Rawles  & Custer robbery MO 1932_0020
Kosfield Herman H. Altha J. Rentschler marriage  MO 1919_0007
Kotteman Tillie S. miss Death MO 1988_0002
Kowertz O. A. Dorothy Favorite marriage MO 1933_0041
Kralovec John Mrs. Death MO 1984_0009
Kraus Dan infant son birth MO 1933_0037
Krause Herber  G. Jr. Dorothy Mae Hemme Death MO 1980_0029
Kraxberger Mary Louise Pirtle Oscar F. Krazberger Death MO 1983_0027
Kraxberger Oscar F.  Mary Louise Pirtle Death MO 1973_0009
Kremer Anna May Shadwick Mrs. Nicholas Julius Dremer Death MO 1978_0014
Krumm Henry infant son birth MO 1941_0018
Krumm Henry Death MO 1914_0003
Krumm Henry E.  Lorene Gerling Death MO 1992_0021
Kulow Christian Mrs. John Kulow Death MO 1919_0013
Kuykendall Arthur Mrs. Arthur Kuykendall Death MO 1940_0007
Kuykendall Arthur Mrs. Arthur Kuykendall Death MO 1940_0008
Kuykendall Bertie Mrs. Death MO 1951_0005
Kuykendall C. Raymond Lena Klein Death MO 1991_0013
Kuykendall Catherine Donahoe Mrs. Mylin Bell Kuykendall Death MO 1972_0037
Kuykendall Charles  H. Mrs. Miss Bartlett Death MO 1951_0006
Kuykendall Charles H.  Minnie Homan Death MO 1953_0003
Kuykendall Charles H. Mrs. Berdie Bartlett Death MO 1951_0008
Kuykendall Lena Catherine Klein Charles Raymond Kuykendall Death MO 1999_0005
Kuykendall Lon James Kuykendall Death MO 1937_0002
Kuykendall Minnie Homan Charles Kuykendall Death MO 1920_0004
Kuykendall Mollie Bullard Mrs. Allie G. Kuykendall Death MO 1975_0026
Kuykendall Pearl J. Merk Sanders Mrs. Norman Sanders Death MO 2005_0014
Kuykendall Tillie Velma Gehringer Needy Mrs. Mylin Kuykendall Death MO 1982_0008
Kuykendall Tillie Velma Gehringer Needy Mrs. Mylin Kuykendall Death MO 1982_0009
Kuykendall William D. Corinne Mann Death MO 1943_0016
Lacy Mate M. Mrs. Robert J. Lacy Death MO 1959_0009
Lake Jesse Wm. Sly Death MO 1914_0004
Lambie Matthew Jr. Matthew Lambie Death MO 1985_0014
Lamm Catherine W. "Kate" Wagenknecht William J. "Bill" Lamm Death MO 1996_0005
Lamm W. J. "Bill" Catherine Wagenknecht Death MO 1989_0005
Lamm W. J. "Bill"   Death MO 1989_0006
Lammers Florence Stella Schuster  Clarence Lammers Death MO 2001_0022
Lammers Florence Stella Schuster Mrs. Richard E. Lammers Death MO 2001_0024
Lammers Roy infant daughter birth MO 1940_0031
Lammers Virgil Frederick William Lammers Death MO 1963_0001
Lammers William infant daughter birth MO 1940_0031
Land Delta Lee Land Death MO 1920_0009
Land Kenneth Lee Sr. Catherine Land Death MO 2003_0020
Land Lee Deborah Witcher Death MO 1937_0016
Land Lee Mrs. Mirinda Renison Death MO 1938_0007
Land S. J. James R. Land Death MO 1922_0015
Land Wade Hampton Miranda Rennison Death MO 1914_0023
Landon R. D. Death MO 1958_0027
Landon Roswell D. Katie Griffith Death MO 2003_0009
Landon Russell D. Sr. Rosa Racy Death MO 1958_0026
Lane Clara Susan Smith Mrs. Claude Lane Death MO 1938_0001
Lang Edward Mrs. Death MO 1976_0026
Lang Edward Mrs. Death MO 1976_0027
Lang  Helen P. Amick Mrs. Donald Lang Death MO 2004_0010
Langkop Norbert William Norbert Langkop Death MO 2004_0009
Larkey Myrtle Idonia Death MO 1905_0004
Latham Clarence O. Virginia Nall Death MO 1987_0011
Latham Clarence O. Death MO 1987_0012
Lauer Arthur Death MO 1962_0003
Lauer Earl Letia Summerskill marriage MO 1920_0022
Lauer Henry E. Hattie Simmons marriage MO 1905_0009
Laughter Clyde Carolyn Laughter Wood Death MO 1992_0005
Laurie Tom Earl Evie M. Croy Death MO 1982_0023
Lawo Sandra accident Death MO 1973_0006
Lawrence James M. Henry Owens Death MO 1902_0002
Laws Irene L. Death MO 1968_0056
Lawson Allie Mae Cobb Mrs. Estell Lawson Death MO 1971_0030
Lawson Bertha Ann Simmons Mrs. John Simmons Death MO 1972_0023
Lawson Loyd Death MO 1972_0037
Layne William Bailey  Emma Belle Graves Death MO 1972_0033
Leach Charles Arthur Lelah McKiney Death MO 1965_0003
Leach Charles Mrs. George McKinney Death MO 1962_0002
Leach George Elston Merle Davidson marriage MO 1925_0038
Leach George H. Sarah M. Elston marriage MO 1891_0004
Leach John Archie W. T. Leach Death MO 1948_0015
Leach W. T.  Harriet Newell McNeil Death MO 1940_0015
Leach Zella C. A. Leach Death MO 1934_0011
Leach Zella miss C. A. Leach Death MO 1934_0012
Lebedeff Vinita Jones Mrs. Ivan T. Lebedeff Death MO 1998_0011
LeCompte Ella Burger Mrs. J. H. LeCompte Death MO 1958_0034
Ledbetter Charlie Mary Ray marriage MO 1929_0032
Lee Ronnie Nelson Delores Lucille Homan marriage MO 1968_0045
Leeper Otis B. Prudence Crawford Death MO 1976_0036
Leeper Ray L. Grace Stark Death MO 1973_0012
Lehman Elmer Lena Ritchie Mrs. marriage MO 1958_0021
Lehnert William Death MO 1968_0029
Leonard Abiel reunion news MO 1925_0035
Leonard William J. "Bill" Death MO 1992_0008
Letter from 1863 From Mary Rosalie Barron To Walter Barron history MO 1980_0018
Letterman Dr. W. H. Death TX 1881_0001
Levens B. W. Mary Ellen Reavis Death MO 1931_0029
Lewis Anna Florence Mrs. Charles P. Lewis Death MO 1935_0012
Lewis B. F. Mrs. Albert Jones Death MO 1941_0003
Lewis Carrie Lula Arthur Harris Emmett Lewis Death MO 1979_0024
Lewis Charles Etta Oswald Death MO 1938_0004
Lewis Ellsworth Ola Virginia Lewis Death MO 1956_0011
Lewis Ellsworth William E. Lewis Death MO 1956_0012
Lewis Elsworth Mrs. Olia Virginia Lewis Death MO 1954_0003
Lewis Elza news MO 1928_0010
Lewis Etta Mrs. Charles P. Lewis Death MO 1920_0017
Lewis Evan Bruce Hilda K. Kassebaum Death MO 1992_0005
Lewis Florence Mrs. William Lewis Death MO 1948_0013
Lewis H. Emmett Lula Fry Death MO 1957_0015
Lewis J. F. Mrs. Margaret Edna King Death MO 1933_0022
Lewis James O. Dora Thomas Death MO 1930_0009
Lewis John W. Jane Spillers Death MO 1906_0008
Lewis Julia Lucille miss Charles Lewis Death MO 1978_0018
Lewis Lee Leonora Shultz Death MO 1990_0018
Lewis Lee Lenora Ross Shultz Death MO 1991_0001
Lewis Lee Lenora Ross Schultz marriage MO 1929_0019
Lewis Leo  Dorothy Reed marriage MO 1947_0021
Lewis Leonara Ross Shultz Mrs. Lee Lewis Death MO 1984_0018
Lewis Naomi Smith Mrs. W. C. Lewis Dr. Death MO 1965_0006
Lewis Naomi Smith Mrs. Death MO 1965_0008
Lewis Olia Virginia Mrs. Death MO 1954_0004
Lewis Otha W. "Doc"  Edna Smith Death MO 1965_0013
Lewis Otha W. "Doc"  Death MO 1965_0016
Lewis Sarah Elizabeth Mrs. Thomas J. Lewis Death MO 1941_0014
Lewis Sarah Jane Spillers John Will Lewis Death MO 1925_0016
Lewis W. C. Dr. T. A. Nelson Mrs. Death MO 1923_0032
Lewis Walter Clark Dr. Naomi Smith Lewis Death MO 1923_0029
Lewis Will news MO 1904_0013
Lewis William   Florence Rennison Death MO 1915_0003
Lewis  Dean P. Lorene Lewis Mrs. Death MO 1972_0007
Lindsay John O. Emma Arnold Mrs. Death MO 1946_0003
Lindsey Michael David  Arletta M. Burch Death MO 1999_0024
Linger Errie Death MO 1950_0003
Linson Helen L. Mrs. James Linson Death MO 2001_0004
Linson John Morgan Morgan Linson Death MO 1910_0012
Linson Lionel (Pat) Helen Hall marriage MO 1932_0003
Lippo Joe Alice Manness marriage MO 1924_0018
Little George W. Mrs. Laura Louella Huff Death MO 1945_0001
Little Wade Hampton Mary Ellen Hill Death MO 1945_0002
Livengood Hubert F. Death MO 1971_0019
Livingston Lena M. Mrs. Roy L. Livingston Death MO 1983_0018
Lloyd Chloe Hollomon Mrs. Thomas Lloyd Death MO 1984_0011
Lloyd John Malan Edna Mossie Lloyd Death MO 1949_0003
Logan J. P. Florence Scott Death MO 1925_0020
Logan J. W. Mrs. in charge of relief news MO 1933_0055
Logston Fred M.  Joyce Logston Mrs. Death MO 1999_0021
Long Ida Nelson Mrs. Robert R. Long Death MO 1968_0014
Long James Laura Rea marriage MO 1909_0001
Long James R. Ida Long Mrs. Death MO 1983_0018
Lotspiech William M. Maggie Rennison Death MO 1925_0002
Louis Maggie Rennison Mrs. William Lotspiech Death MO 1955_0001
Louis Ted  Maggie Lotspiech Mrs. Death MO 1945_0008
Love John Mrs. Stella Maude Reynolds Death MO 1971_0029
Loven Joseph David  Dorene Atkinson Mrs. Death MO 1972_0007
Lucas Charles Thomas Hart Benton history MO 1941_0033
Luckett Bruce W. Ama. Ellen Mary Bottomley marriage MO 1970_0020
Luckett David Navy Petty Off. 3rd Class R. S. Luckett news MO 1970_0021
Luckett Emily Schmid Mrs. Luther J. Luckett Death MO 1975_0021
Luckett Gilmore T. R. Luckett news MO 1919_0025
Luckett L. G.  Death MO 1896_0001
Luckett Luther letter from war news MO 1918_0030
Luckett Sam Family news MO 1970_0022
Luckett T. R. honor award news MO 1927_0009
Luckett Thomas Rees Annie Gilmore Death MO 1948_0020
Luckett William D. Sallie Smith Mrs. Death MO 1929_0033
Luckett Bottomley marriage-photo MO 1970_0019
Luckett  Luther J. Death MO 1995_0007
Luckett  Luther J. Death MO 1995_0008
Luckett  Luther J. Emily Schmid Death MO 1995_0009
Luecke Herman Martin Luecke Death MO 1975_0007
Lueking Fred Mrs. Death MO 1966_0020
Lukens Gaye S. Elston Mrs. Warren A. Lukens Death MO 1979_0003
Lukens Warren A. Lukens Gaye S. Elston Death MO 1979_0010
Lunceford Mae Atkinson Russell Mrs. Aaron T. Lunceford Death MO 1992_0010
Lund Daisy V. Thomas Mrs. Rolla Close Death MO 1986_0018
Lund Joe Charles G. Lund Death MO 1990_0017
Lux Lillie Alexander Lux Death KS 1903_0011
Lynn Nellie  Mrs. Death MO 1967_0018
Lyon Adelia Mrs. Death MO 1928_0017
Lyon W. H. infant son birth MO 1927_0045
Mace Linda Sue Healey Mrs. Lora A. Mace Death MO 1995_0008
Machette Mrs. Elizabeth Death MO 1891_0001
Mack Leland F. Louis Marie O'Toole marriage MO 1932_0039
MacLorn Cleveland Death MO 1914_0011
Maddex Alma miss Arthur Maddex Death MO 1979_0017
Maddex Arthur Grace Cartner Death MO 1957_0004
Maddex Ernest Gertrude Cash Death MO 1933_0042
Maddex George   cost of trial MO 1911_0008
Maddex George hearing of murder Death MO 1910_0018
Maddex George Death MO 1944_0003
Maddex George  murder Death MO 1910_0016
Maddex George Mrs. murder Death MO 1910_0014
Maddex George Mrs. America Rennison Death MO 1910_0015
Maddex Grace Cartner Mrs. Arthur Maddex Death MO 1971_0014
Maddex John Death MO 1918_0010
Maddex Mary F. Mrs. Thomas Maddex Death MO 1942_0011
Maddex Rob. B. probate court MO 1914_0009
Maddex Rolla "Buzz"  Josephine Griesbach Death MO 1999_0011
Maddex Ruby L. Laura N. Maddex Mrs. Death MO 1982_0018
Maddex Ruth McCutcheon Mrs. John Jacob Maddex Death MO 1983_0013
Maddex William  Arthur Maddex Death MO 1975_0018
Maddix Willie Jr. car accident news MO 1959_0007
Maddox A. J. Julia Cartner marriage MO 1888_0007
Maddox Alle infant son birth MO 1941_0018
Maddox George America Rennison Death MO 1944_0004
Maddox Phillip Bradley Death MO 1928_0018
Maddox Russell Death MO 1961_0025
Madorin Ethel Werner M. G. Madorin Death MO 1969_0011
Mahan W. D., Rev. Mattie Johnston Death MO 1906_0012
Mahin Guy Wilbur Goldie Shull marriage  MO 1918_0019
Mahuken Nellie Mae Meyer Mrs. George Mahnken Death MO 1965_0001
Manker James A. Death MO 1918_0028
Mann James infant son birth MO 1966_0016
Manning Alice  Homan Reed Mrs. Clyde H. Manning Death MO 1985_0012
Manns Charles William Jr. Margaret Rennison Death MO 1989_0015
Manns Darrell Kenneth Margaret M. Bennett Death MO 1984_0034
Manns Margaret Mrs. Death MO 1975_0025
Manns Margaret Rennison Mrs. Charles W. Manns Death MO 1975_0024
Manson John L. Ethel I. McLorn marriage MO 1905_0012
Marcum Nancy M. "Tischia" Racy Mrs. Charles W. Marcum Sr. Death MO 1978_0004
Mark Alfred T. Death MO 1987_0012
Mark  Alfred T. Pauline Clayton Death MO 1987_0011
Markham George W. Janie L. Thomas Death MO 1984_0016
Markham Janie L.  Thomas Mrs. George Markham Death MO 1980_0015
Marriages Early Cooper Couny news MO 1931_0025
Marriages, cont. Early Cooper Couny cont. of 1931_0025 news MO 1931_0026
Marriott Ray Death MO 1985_0014
Marrow Larry infant daughter birth MO 1969_0021
Marshall Myrtle May Elmer Marshall Death MO 1900_0001
Marshall William T. Martha Elizabeth Trout Death MO 1931_0006
Marshall         W. B. Mary Keys Death MO 1928_0013
Marshall Dem. News Blackwater column news MO 1976_0040
Marshall Dem. News First Divorce in county news MO 1919_0020
Marshall Wkly Dem. Arrow Rock column MO 1928_0014
Marshall Wkly Dem. Blackwater column news MO 1929_0008
Marshall Wkly Dem. Blackwater column news MO 1929_0030
Marshall Wkly Dem. local news news MO 1925_0010
Marshall Wkly Dem. Mo. Valley College news MO 1928_0008
Marshall Wkly Dem. Saline County teachers list MO 1920_0026
Marshall Wkly Dem. Saline County teachers cont. of 1920_0026 list MO 1920_0027
Marshall Wkly Saline Cit. local news MO 1899_0026
Marshalltown Statesman local news IA 1891_0008
Martin Addie Baslee Mrs. Jacob L. Martin Death MO 1962_0004
Martin Anna Mrs. H. M. Linson Mrs. Death MO 1920_0001
Martin Clifford Mrs. Maude Francis Hill  Death MO 1977_0009
Martin Delitha Mrs. John Martin Death MO 1951_0018
Martin Edna F.  Alexander Mrs. George H. Martin Death MO 1978_0015
Martin George Raymond  Lorene Martin Mrs. Death MO 1997_0010
Martin Jennifer Pilot Grove essay contest news MO 1976_0004
Martin Jesse O. Coriane M. Schmidt Death MO 1977_0013
Martin Lewis H. Jr. Death MO 1982_0025
Martin Spencer Ed Martin Death MO 1925_0029
Martin William R. Death KS 1921_0010
Massie Thelma Marie Long Mrs. Charles Massie Death MO 2005_0014
Mastroyannakis Zachary Infant son birth MO 1969_0007
Mattingly Laura I. Mrs. Death MO 1948_0017
May Ernest Mrs. car accident injury MO 1973_0007
May Ernest Thomas Fay Gorrell Death MO 1981_0007
May Fay Gorrell Mrs. Ernest Thomas May Death MO 1979_0008
May Walter T. Vira Fitz Death MO 1964_0002
Mayfield Laura Silvia miss W. A. Mayfield Death MO 1968_0013
Mayfield Ruth Elizabeth miss William Mayfield Death MO 1951_0001
Mayfield William Allen  James Mayfield Death MO 1940_0009
McAdams Steve B.  Jennifer Fowler Death MO 2005_0007
McBride Marcum D. Glen Jennings marriage MO 1927_0018
McCarty Agnes  J. C. Rennison Death MO 1905_0001
McCarty Mary Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Bowles Death MO 1932_0024
McCarty Mildred miss John McCarty Death MO 1985_0032
McCarty W. H. H. Melvina Wallace Death MO 1900_0005
McClain Emil E. Hazel Kahars marriage  MO 1923_0021
McClain Lonnie Emma Patterson marriage MO 1909_0004
McClammer E. W. Jr. Gladys LaBoube marriage MO 1941_0029
McClammer Lena Mrs. Death MO 1975_0006
McClanahan W. A. Rev. twin daughter Death MO 1909_0030
McClary Millie MaeMrs. Ida Zumault Mrs. Death MO 1975_0008
McClary Ray Mrs. Millie Mae McClary Mrs. Death MO 1975_0011
McClellan A. L. injured MO 1930_0024
McClelland Richard  Death MO 1989_0008
McCord Lottie May Parks Mrs. William C. McCord Death MO 1990_0001
McCorkle Charles W. Jeannie Jackson marriage MO 1967_0023
McCormick Alice Death KS 1901_0001
McCormick Laura M. Death KS 1901_0002
McCoy C. M. infant son birth MO 1948_0007
McCoy Eugene Richard Rail Crossing Accident critically injured MO 1949_0015
McCoy Fern Leona Mrs. Death MO 1972_0040
McDonald Dorothy Death MO 1975_0018
McDonald M. J. Stella Deringer marriage MO 1905_0012
McDowell Charlotte Mrs. Death MO 1927_0006
McDowell Clarence C. Brookie Kosfeld Death MO 1977_0025
McFarland A. W. Catherine Hurt Death MO 1910_0002
McFarland A. W. Mrs. Mary Catherine Hurt Death MO 1927_0027
McFarland A. W. Mrs. Mary Catherine Hurt Death MO 1927_0028
McFarland William  J. Mollie Eller Death MO 1926_0002
McFarland William J. Mollie Eller Death MO 1926_0001
McFarland William J. Mrs. Mollie Eller Death MO 1941_0028
McGavock Robert E. judge Garden McGavock birth MO 1942_0004
McGowan Clyde S.  Angelin Akerson Death MO 2003_0005
McGraw Beulah Grant Mrs. William S. McGraw Death MO 1940_0032
McHugh Dulcie Case Mrs. Robert E. McHugh Death MO 1984_0005
McHugh Robert E.  Jr. Mary Mrs. Death WA 1974_0030
McHugh Robert E. Jr. Mary Mrs. Death MO 1974_0030
McInnis Naomi Yost Mrs. Dan McInnis Death MO 1980_0028
McIntire  O. T. Death MO 1971_0028
McIntyre Della B. Mrs. E. R. McIntyre Dr. Death KS 1922_0002
McIntyre William  infant daughter birth MO 1951_0003
McKenna Mildred Winifred Elliott  Mrs. Arnold J. McKenna Death MO 1994_0014
McKenzie Denise Pilot Grove essay contest news MO 1976_0004
McKinley Mary Alice Breckenridge Mrs. George McKinley Death MO 1969_0016
McKinnis Raymond suicide Death MO 1933_0036
McKnight Eleanor K. Vieth Mrs. Donald McKnight Death MO 1995_0005
McMahan Carrie DeHaven Mrs. Jesse McMahan Death MO 1947_0026
McMahan Glenn W.  Jane McMahan Mrs. Death MO 2000_0014
McMahan J. W. Mrs. R. F. McMahan ill  MO 1934_0001
McMahan John Wesley Robert McMahan Death MO 1934_0002
McMahan Lillian miss W.  H. C. McMahan Death MO 1957_0009
McMahan Mary C. Mrs. Death MO 1964_0009
McMahan Mary C. White Porterfield Mrs. Robert McMahan Death MO 1964_0007
McMahan R. J. Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth Wing Death MO 1920_0015
McMahan Robert C. Ruby G. McMahan Mrs. Death MO 1982_0024
McMahan Robert F. W. H. Field Mrs. Death MO 1945_0003
McMahan Robert F.  J. R. Canote Mrs. Death MO 1945_0005
McMahan Robert F. Death MO 1945_0006
McMahan Robert Mrs. Death MO 1909_0025
McMahan Robert N. Death MO 1918_0018
McMahan Rubie G. Green  Mrs. Glenn W. McMahan Death MO 1994_0013
McMahan Rufus F. Death MO 1979_0025
McMahon Mabel Alice Louise Sapp news MO 1941_0002
McMillian Fern Davis Mrs. Grover Cleveland McMillian Death MO 1984_0006
McMullin Letha A. Potter John Fayette McMullin Death MO 1988_0007
McNaughton John  Sophia Drecshsel Death MO 1954_0011
McNeal Sallie Mrs. P. P. McNeal Death MO 1923_0011
McNeil A. L. Sally Finley Death MO 1934_0009
McNeil Anna A. Decker Mrs. Charles A. McNeil Dr. Death MO 1950_0011
McNeil Arthur L. Sally Finley Death MO 1934_0006
McNeil Charles A. Dr. Anna A. Decker Death MO 1944_0005
McNeil Charles A. Dr. Death MO 1944_0006
McNeil Charles A. Mrs. Anna A. Decker Death MO 1950_0010
McNeil Clara E. wife of Dr. Geo. E. Death MO 1899_0012
McNeil George Dr. Josephine McNeil Death MO 1915_0017
McNeil George Dr. Death MO 1915_0018
McNeil George Dr. Charles McNeil Dr. Ill MO 1915_0015
McNeil James E. Charles A. McNeil Dr. Death MO 1965_0001
McNeil Lula Josephine miss Peter P. McNeil Death MO 1948_0008
McNeil Lula Josephine miss Margaret McNeil Death MO 1948_0012
McNeil Margaret miss Peter McNeil Death MO 1948_0014
McNeil P. P visit to east news MO 1899_0014
McNeil Peter Patterson Death MO 1914_0010
McNeil Reber son of A. L. Death MO 1899_0003
McNeil Sallie Mrs. Death MO 1923_0016
McNeil Sally E. Finley Mrs. Arthur McNeil Death MO 1959_0014
McNeil Sally E. Finley Mrs. Arthur McNeil Death MO 1959_0015
McNeil Virginia Wilkerson Mrs. James E. McNeil Death MO 1986_0015
McQuitty Homer Rebecca Ann Gill Death MO 1984_0012
Meade Robert Frederick Shirley Edwards Death MO 1993_0015
Meadows J. B. train wreck Death MO 1897_0001
Medlin Floyd Clara Stockman marriage  MO 1913_0013
Meisenheimer Gertie Mrs. J. R. Meisenheimer Death MO 1999_0026
Mellen Lee Louella Miller Death MO 1948_0020
Mellor True Mrs. Mollie Frances Cramer Death MO 1915_0011
Melton Howard Mrs. Mattie Ellen Oglesby Death MO 1924_0025
Memorial 77 years old W. H. Steele home news MO 1939_0029
Memorial 77 years old W. H. Steele home cont of 1939_0029 news MO 1939_0030
Memorial Service Evangelical Church news MO 1954_0020
Mendenhall Alphon C.  Chloe Hazel Freeman Death MO 1984_0007
Mercer Jack Boyd Betty Burnett Death MO 1999_0006
Mercer Jack Boyd Betty Burnett Death MO 1999_0007
Mercer James William  Dolly Chipley Death MO 1980_0023
Mercer James William  Dolly Chipley Death MO 1980_0024
Mercer Lon Clark Grave Streby Death MO 1971_0016
Mercer Lon Clark Grace Streby Death MO 1971_0017
Mercer Nettie May Potter Mrs. Walter W. Mercer Death MO 1997_0002
Mercer Pat son of William  Death MO 1899_0001
Mercer William H. Melissa Halley Death MO 1931_0007
Mercer William W. Death MO 1976_0027
Mercer William Walter Nettie Mae Potter Death MO 1976_0025
Mercer William Walter Death MO 1976_0026
Mercereau J. V. Mrs. Ida Clara Naumann Death MO 1927_0047
Mercereau Mrs. Death MO 1895_0003
Merrill Adelia H. Mrs. George Thornton Death MO 1927_0001
Merriman Edwin C.  Emma Merriman Mrs. Death MO 1969_0037
Merritt Leta Smith Mrs. A. R. Merritt Death MO 1985_0016
Merritt Leta Smith Mrs. A. R. Merritt Death MO 1985_0018
Mesger Grace Bilyew Haley Mrs. James J. Haley Death MO 1974_0009
Messick W. L. news MO 1933_0032
Metlock Fannie Sam Metlock burned in fire MO 1923_0015
Meyer Albert H. Estelia Turner Death MO 1932_0045
Meyer Charles L. Death MO 1968_0043
Meyer Charles Lewis Oto Meyer Death MO 1968_0044
Meyer E. A. Mrs. Alden Ennis Mrs. Death MO 1959_0023
Meyer Elsie M.  Death MO 1983_0009
Meyer Florence M. Kosfeld Mrs. Harvin Meyer Jr. Death MO 1997_0007
Meyer Harvin Andrew "Andy"   Florence Kosfeld Death MO 2000_0016
Meyer Joseph W. Henry Meyer Death MO 1959_0008
Meyer Pauline Mills Death MO 1972_0037
Meyers Harry infant son birth MO 1927_0020
Meyers Minnie B. Smith Mrs. John F. Meyers Death MO 1969_0008
Middaugh V. N. "Joe"  Meta Gordon Death MO 1983_0015
Milam Justin Jennifer Rennison marriage MO 2004_0007
Miles Mrs. Death MO 1909_0025
Miller Alva Mollie Wyatt Death MO 1968_0001
Miller Anna Rote Mrs. Fred W. Miller Death WI 1968_0015
Miller Bertha Fischer Mrs. Peter Miller Death MO 1966_0024
Miller Edna Fay  Marvin Miller Death MO 1989_0018
Miller Edwin G. Ellen Baunister marriage MO 1909_0028
Miller Ellen Mrs. Fred W. Miller Mrs. Death WI 1911_0010
Miller Ephriam Death WI 1906_0016
Miller George L. Death MO 1954_0003
Miller Indiana Miss Jacob Miller Death WI