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No project is too big with helping hands. And that is especially true of this Cooper County Genealogical Web site. Providing the information that you find on this site took hours and hours of volunteer help. I would like to take this space to recognize those people who have contributed their time effort and resources. Please, if I have failed to mention you; please don't get angry but gently remind me of your contribution.

Aldridge, Phyllis Dead Hatfield Phyllis contributed the descendants of George Woolery. Thanks Phyllis!
Austin, Jerry Patricia Another set of historical sketches that bring our ancestors to life. Jerry has contributed sketches from "Reminiscences of the Women of Missouri During the Sixties. A set of stories of wives of Confederacy who lived in Cooper County. Jerry also transcribed Township 46, Range 17 of the earliest county plat map. Thanks Jerry!
Bockoven, Susan Susan contributed "Homer Davis Led Cooper County Men to 'Cherokee' Land Rush." Thanks Ssuan!
Bonham, Barbara Farthing Barbara has contributed the will of Samuel Hughes. Thanks Barbara!
Bowlin, Kathy Genealogy is dry without a historical reference. Kathy has provided some interested reading and genealogy with her contribution from the Draper Papers. Thanks Kathy!
Brandes, Roxanne Roxanne contributed the muster roll of Company H of the Second Cooper County Militia. Thanks Rox!
Carr, Laurel Taffe Laurel has contributed the will of Meekins Carr. Thanks Laurel!
Coleman, Ruby Ruby has contributed the John Calvert family Bible. Thanks Ruby!
Doty, Barbara Barbara has contributed deeds for William Jennings. Thanks Barbara!
Ellis, Kathleen Kathleen has contributed biographies and obituaries. Thanks Kathleen!
Ficken, Homer Homer has contributed church records and information on Civil War soldiers. Thanks Home!
Godkin, Dee Dee has made some major contributions to the cemetery listings, a time consuming project. Additionally she has transcribed some other articles. Thanks Dee!
Grace, Nancy Nan has contributed so many items that I could not begin to name them all. Thanks Nancy!
Harlan, Dorothy Dorothy has been busy typing up biographies from Melton's History. She has also transcribed quite a number of the chapters in Melton's history. All this in addition to obituary contributions. Thanks Dorothy!
Haroldsen, Donna Donna has contributed to our biographical sketches. Thanks Donna!
Harris, George Cemetery records are one of our highest regarded sources of information. But they require a lot of time to transcribe. Gary started with one contribution and ended up asking for more. His latest addition is the Pleasant Green Methodist Church and Cemetery. Thanks Gary!
Harvey, Gary Gary is another one of those people who can't say no. A frequent contributor to the Cooper County web site and a volunteer lookup; Gary is best known for his addition of the "History of New Lebanon Cooper County Missouri". Gary is also a contributor of biographical sketches. Thanks Gary!
Hill, Cassie Cassie is a regular contributor. Most recently it was a biography on Joseph Harlan. Thanks Cassie!
Hitt, Ted Ted was the orginally coordinator for this site. He provided a lot of the links and graphics you find here. He started the Cooper County Mailing list and searches capabilities. Frankly, I don't have the space to mention all of Ted's contributions. Thanks Ted!
Hundley, Betty Betty has transcribed the Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery. Thanks Betty!
Ives, Alicia J. Alicia has contributed obituaries to this site. Thanks Alicia!
James, Karen Karen contributed a number of photographs on the James and Mills family. Thanks Karen!
King, Judy Judy provided an Kickashear obituary. And much more importantly Judy has provided scanned images of the Highland Cumberland Presbyterian Church records. And has transcribed these records. This is quite significant donation of time, effort, and information for which we are most grateful. Thanks Judy!
Mitchell, Carol Carol has contributed linked information on the Cumberland Presbyterian Church. Thanks Carol!
Montgomery, Mark Mark is one of our volunteer lookup people. Additionally Mark is helping to transcribe Melton's 1937 history of Cooper County. Thanks Mark!
Moore, Sharon Susan provided information on the Boarman family for the obituaries and Walnut Grove Cemetery. Additionally, some articles on the Civil War experiences of Charles Sylvester Boatman, Jr. Thanks Susan!
Paxton, Laura Laura has been there at every turn. When she finishes one project, she asks for another. Most of you will recognize Laura for the contributions of the biograpical sketches. But she has translated and transcibed the St. Paul German Evangelical Church Records, has finished the Prairie Lick Presbyterian Church Records, and is working on the "Stray Books". Laura is a major contributor to Cooper Mail list and is a volunteer lookup. Thanks Laura!
Parsons-Holder, Traci Traci contributed the John Thornton Augustine Family Bible. Thanks Traci!
Riley, Maureen Maureen contributed "The Secret of the Key and the Crowbar. Thanks Maureen!
Ripperger, Lee Lee has made a large number of contributions to the Walnut Grove Cemetery, as well as, other cemeteries. Thanks Lee!
Risener, Lynn Lynn has helped out on cemeteries entries and locations. Thanks Lynn!
Sanders, Mary Ellen Mary Ellen has contributed a family bible. Thanks Mary Ellen!
Scroggin, Bill Bill has contributed the Potter Cemetery and severl wills. Thanks Bill!
Simpson, Paul Paul has contributed the Cooper County Marriage Records from 1850 through 1865. Thanks Paul!
Smith, Frances Doutt Frances has contributed a number of "The Year in Review" records from local newspapers. A nice combination of history and genealogy. Additionally, Frances has made a large number of contributions to the Walnut Grove Cemetery Listing. Thanks Frances!
Sonnenberg, Linda K. Linda has contributed the McClanahan Family Bible. Thanks Linda!
Strang, Nan O'Meara Nan contributed the Civil War Letters of Nancy nee' Chapman Jones. Thanks Nan!
Thoma, Jim Jim is having the time of his life. Besides coordinating this site; he has added to almost every area. Thanks for allowing him the opportunity!
Watkins, Justin Justin is one of our major contributors of cemetery and obituary information. Justin uses sources of information outside of Cooper County and has made quite large contributions. Thanks Justin!
Wieland, Andrea Andrea has contributed the 1923 year in review from the Boonville Weekly Advertiser. Thanks Andrea!
Wilkins, Ricki Ricki has contributed a link to the Bureau of Land Management records. Thanks Ricki!
Wilmot, Bob Bob transcribed five land sections from the 1929 platt. Thanks Bob!
Wilson, Lynda Lynda contributed the Revolutionary War pension application and will of Hugh Larimore. Thanks Lynda!


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