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         This page is created to list the home pages of our guests.  For those of you with home pages that have information you would like to share, with connections to Cooper County, Missouri; here is the place for links to those home pages. To put a link to your home page just send your link to James F. Thoma .  The only requirements are that they must have one or both of the following:

1)  History, events, genealogical data relative to Cooper County, and / or
2)  Surnames of ancestors, or family who live(d) in Cooper County at any time.

Welcome to my homepage. I have been researching my (and my husband's) ancestors for 25 years. This is my attempt to share with you that information. I have only posted information on people born approximately before 1930.
In 1980 I privately published a small book on the Meistrell family. Recently I privately published a 258 page book on my Sullivan ancestors- "The James Sullivan Family, Emigrants of Lisready Cripps, Loughill, County Limerick". I hope eventually to have most of that information posted here.
The Rita Meistrell Family Homepage
Includes a family history book of the Meistrell family of Cooper County. Some of the other surnames included are Smith, Heinlen, Franken, Fischer, Diringer and Bichele.
I have quite a few lines in Cooper County.  But I thought you'all might enjoy the history about my ancestor David William Jones (1790-1862), on the page about him.
David William Jones
There are two biographies written for family reunions.  There is also a Pisgah map and sketches of some early buildings.
This Missouri Slave and Slave Owners Page.
Afro-Americans in Missouri
Missouri Slave Database.
Missouri Slave Database
If your ancestry includes either side of this unfortunate relationship; then you should definately visit this site. It chronicles slaveowning families from the Upper LA area -- who settled in St. Charles and migrated throughout the state. I believe there are about 3,000 slaves noted in this db. We are still extracting data and adding. Also -- it still needs to be edited -- we have some spell check work to do. There remains quite a bit of data to upload -- so keep your eyes peeled and it will have some editing and reworking done to it over the next few weeks. We are very excited about what we are doing. We will provide a summary background of the Upper LA area so that you understand that our strategy for Missouri is to follow slaveowning settlers from the late 1700s -early 1800s down to the 1870 census -- where is first see black families enumerated.

This site includes Slave Data for the following Missouri counties: Audrain, Boone, Cooper, Chariton, Howard, Pike, Randolph, & St. Charles. Plus other states: Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, North & South Carolina, Virginia, & Tennesse.
This is the Judd Family History Web Page
Wesley Fletcher Judd Family
This web site contains information on the Judd Family. The site is maintained by Stephanie Young.
The Odeneal, Odineal, Odneal & O'Neal Webpage
Odeneal, Odineal, Odneal & O'Neal
The first record found for the name (by Mary Ann Odneal) is a for the reading of Thomas Odeneals will, 1690,Stafford Co., VA. and in 1691 the will of John Odeneale also in Stafford Co., VA is read. There is no mention of children in either will. In 1724 John and Timothy Oduneal are listed as working in tobacco and 10-16 years old, this is also in Stafford Co., VA. A James Oduneal marries in 1755, Stafford Co., VA and changes the name to Deneal or Deneale. This name is found in France and perhaps this is our country of origin. It seems most of the families believe we are of Irish descent, but there is no proof and this is most likely due to the similarity to the name O'Neal and its variations in spelling. The Deneals may be Irish that left Ireland in the early 1600's to get away from the persecution of the English crown
Cooper County Families
Cooper County Families
This searchable database maintained by Rowan Fairgrove contains many, many Cooper County families.
Eastham, McMahan, King, and Kincheloe Pioneers
Eastham, McMahan, King, and Kincheloe Pioneers
Harry A. Eastham maintains this site which contains information on some of the pioneer families of Cooper County.
The Rayel/Rayle Family
The Rayel/Rayle Family
The research here is on the Perkins, Ing, Murdock, Rayel, Pearce, Pace, Jones familes. The Rayel/Rayle lines are from Cooper County, Missouri. This site is maintained by Valerie J. Tice.
They Came To America
They Came To America
The Family Site for Pilkenton, Schlomer, Schupp, and others. This site is maintained by Dianna Pilkenton Viebrock.
The Thoma Family Web Page
The Thoma Family Web Page
This site contains information on the Thoma family as well as Frederich, Walther, Newbauer, Langlotz, Simmons and many many more. This site is maintained by Jim Thoma.
Descendants of Francis Fergus
Descendants of Francis Fergus
The Family Site for the descendants of Francis and Mary McCormick Fergus. This site is maintained by Cynthia Russell.
Descendants of Larkin DeWitt and Hannah Potter
Kellie's Family Connections
This site contains information on the Potter and DeWitt (Larkin DeWitt and Hannah Potter) families of Cooper County. Lots of infomation has been added to this web site and more is being added all the time. This site is maintained by Kellie Crnkovich.
The Switzler Family
The Switzler Family
Lot of documentation and photo’s an ongoing effort by 14 Switzler families. The password for this site is twobrothers. This site is maintained by June Hines.
The Jackson - Ketchum Families
The Jackson - Ketchum Families
I am currently researching my paternal Missouri ancestors who were predominately located in Cooper, Morgan and Moniteau Counties. I am also researching my maternal side who is based mainly in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area. As for my husband’s family lines, they are mainly based in Texas. This site is maintained by Iva J. Ketchum.


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